Sunday, May 16, 2010

And, Then There Were Three, Arrested That Is

I always prefer writing on the larger political issues that affect us all, yet the most disturbing, ludicrous, and wildly entertaining stories seem to always occur at the local levels.

Remember the story about the Mayor, the Police Chief, and the Kidney? You can find it here: Well, there’s an interesting side story that gives some insight into the type of person the Mayor featured in the article is, and whom she surrounds herself with.

It seems the Mayor of East Haven, CT, the only Mayor in the State of Connecticut to ever be arrested by her own Police Chief (oh, by the way her Assistant was arrested with her) and consequently took a very vague opportunity in which to put said Chief on leave, has been the impetus for the perfect trifecta of political arrests. Her Assistant Director of Administration and Management has been arrested for criminal weapons possession, theft of a firearm, and fourth degree larceny in the neighboring town of Branford.

Ralph Mauro the arrestee appears to have a penchant for illegal sub machine guns and stolen shotguns as well. As I often like to say; no innocent man buys an illegal gun. Or, in this case, steals one! Of course, one must remember until he goes to court these are only "allegations".

I am all about 2nd Amendment rights and even though I am not a member of the NRA, I have no problem with those who are. That is as long as their weapons are legal and…uh…not stolen. This person is obviously an idiot at baseline, but let me tell you about what one of his responsibilities as the Mayor’s political shill are.

In the position of Assistant Director of Administration and Management, Ralph Mauro is responsible for such things as controlling the purse strings for the Police Department. How about that? Interesting, huh?

Ten years ago this guy was fired by previous Mayor Joe Maturo, also mentioned in the above referenced blog post, for stealing Town time, carrying a gun, (surprise, surprise) and eavesdropping on his co-workers at the City Hall Finance Department. He’s considered a real grade A scumbag by anyone’s standards and is the perfect example of who not to have in a public position of power.

For some further perspective into the case of Lenny Gallo, the Police Chief who was put on leave by the Mayor after a preliminary, actually BEFORE a preliminary report of a Justice Department investigation into the East Haven Police; consider this, Mauro denied the Chief money for training and personnel. What was in the Justice Department’s preliminary report; the recommendation for more training and personnel. Something every police department in America could use but doesn’t have the funding for. This report could have been sent to any department in the United States and would have been accurate.

Here is a copy of the report:

My point in this case is my outrage that someone such as this, hired by an idiot Mayor has the power to deny a real public servant the funding needed to protect his town and its residents, and then is orchestral by association in the suspension of said public servant who has committed no crime or has causality for which to be reprimanded. That's a complete outrage.

So, to reiterate we have a Mayor, her Assistant Erica Berg, (some say her lover, but I won’t comment on that) and some gangster wannabe in a dangerous position of power, all arrested within one year. Yet, we have a well-respected Police Chief whose only desire is to do his job and protect his Town, sitting at home on administrative leave. Nice. Real, nice.

Normally, I bristle at the idea of litigating what should essentially be a personnel and Human Resources issue, but in this case, I hope Lenny sues the pantsuit off of East Haven and gets a huge chunk of change because he deserves it. And, quite frankly, the Town deserves the hit for electing this piece of garbage Mayor in the first place.

Incidentally, the Mayor has be unavailable for comment on the Mauro situation and no action has been taken on the part of the Town to keep this miscreant away from Town Hall. In fact, Mauro showed up for work the next day. The Town's lame excuse was that the arrest is a personal issue and not job related and they wanted to see how the situation played out. Really? So, you couldn't give Lenny the same courtesy and wait for the full Justice Department Report before taking action? Apparently, in East Haven it's OK to be a thief and carry around guns illegally, but if you are an honest Police Chief with a legal gun by the way, you get stripped of your badge, weapon, and car and get sent packing. Seems fair. in the alternate evil universe! As the kids say, WTF and OMG!

These kinds of witch-hunts are what really get in the way of the progress of not just Towns, but the country as a whole. Egos, agendas, corruption; all bad business.

By the way, as I was placing pictures onto this post, I felt like I was creating a new Rogue's Gallery. Nice work East Haven!


  1. Your so smart know the whole story scumbag it's nice to write things that you don't know about. Gallo was not so Honest

  2. Actually, Anonymous, I do know. And, in the future when you comment to my blog have some guts and state your name. Jackass.

  3. you'd have a field day in Waterbury

  4. Great investigation into a story that should have been told a long time ago to the hard working,law abiding people of East Haven. The truth hurts...