Friday, January 29, 2010

Bipartisanship? Bit Late Falderal, Ain't It?


Lord Falderal takes a meeting with the Republicans and begs for more cooperation and bipartisanship immediately after the worst State of the Union address in recent history, and immediately following an ass whipping of the extreme sort in the bluest state in the Country.

Normally, I would be all for this attempt at solidarity between the Legislative and Executive branch and would keep my big fat mouth shut. However, since it speaks so clearly to what I have been pointing out since Falderal took office, specifically his inexperience, I must opine openly.

Bipartisanship would have been fantastic immediately following inauguration day. But, despite his howling on high about being open to everybody’s opinion on what direction the country should head in, Falderal developed amnesia of the worst sort and any semblance of bipartisanship went the way of the Bush Administration; out to pasture, probably on some ranch in Texas, on January 21, 2009.

That was a shining example of Falderal’s inexperience.

Apparently, at Harvard, during the 48 hours he spent in the Senate, and all his time spent at ACORN, Falderal didn’t learn that despite having a majority in both houses, it does one well to play nicely with others. Because you never know when something like, oh I don’t know, the death of a senior senator may occur right when your popularity goes into the toilet and the country ain’t so hot on your goods any longer.

Learning the kind of lesson Falderal is learning now is valuable stuff to say the least. The thing is most politicians learn it long before running for President. On the job training when you are the President is never good for the country, especially when the lesson is so basic; play well with others in an effort to do your best for the American people. It’s called a team effort Lord Falderal.

Seeking out bipartisanship now borders on the ludicrous. That is; as long as the Republicans aren’t stupid enough to cave into this ill-advised ploy to regain any relevance he possibly can. Had the Republicans been smart, which would have been a serious leap of faith, they would have insisted in yesterdays little get together, that Falderal lop off the dangly bits of Pelosi and Reid (wonder who’s are bigger) and demand that any legislation, health care or otherwise, include more than just one line from the Republican side of the aisle from here on out.

That is what they would have done had they been smart.

Predictably, they weren’t. Yesterday’s meeting was a complete waste of time, which was billed in the press as “a step in the right direction”. If you believe that I have a bridge…blah blah blah.

All Falderal and the R’s did was widen the chasm between them which is great for Republican elections this Fall (not a bad thing). But, it still doesn’t bode well for the American people in the interim.

As fun as it is to treat politics as a game, like yours truly, the consequences of what I and every other yahoo out there loves to comment about are dire in the real world. These two parties of arrogant, entitled and clueless criminals have no intention of helping out anyone on the ground. That’s the real tragedy.

Sure there are all sorts of fun things to point out about yesterdays summit of the sailors of the Ship of Fools: Falderal finally kowtows and what do his brethren think of such contrition, Republicans get a chance to school Falderal, all sorts of contentious questions and answers to be strung out to the n’th degree and so on and so forth.

But herein lie the problem. In a meeting in which both parties accused the other of providing only dangerous rhetoric and no solutions, we are left with just another rhetoric session! We now have rhetoric meetings regarding rhetoric!! I wonder what it cost us to cart all these idiots to that meeting?

So, where are the American people left? In the same downward spiral as before the State of the Union speech. Falderal merely hit rewind and summoned up the ghosts of his 2008 campaign and then faked a moment of contrition.

Falderal actually said that he would rather be a good one term President than a mediocre two term President. I want to know for whom he would like to be a good one term President. I am pretty sure it is not for us, but for him.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Must Die! (politically)

Are you kidding me? No, seriously are you FUCKING kidding me?

Hours before heading into the Chambers to catch the American public up on just how Falderal et al were able to screw the country up more in one year than any President in history (wait a minute, I guess that is something), that complete and utter douche bag, the gentle lady from California Nancy Pelosi, suggested adding defense cuts into the State of the Union! As the kids would say, WTF and OMG!

I seriously didn’t think she could get any more supremely stupid, but I guess if you live long enough…as the saying goes. Here is a quote from the see you next Tuesday Senator to in response to Falderal’s fairness in his proposed cuts:

“Well, I think that if there is going to be a spending freeze, it should be across the board," she said. "That is to say, we all want a strong national defense, and we want to fund it in an appropriate way," she said. "But we're not here to protect defense contractors. ... And the fact is, if we have to cut spending, we should subject every dollar to that same scrutiny."
As you can see, Pelosi is not just anti-defense, but apparently anti-business as well.
Here is something to think about Nancy; how about we stop sending you to places like, oh say, Copenhagen, with your cavalcade of three Military jets to the tune of $1,000,000, so you can do, what is it you do again? Oh that’s right, nothing. How much would we save there? Those three jets surely could have been doing something more productive than hauling your useless, entitled arse all over the globe.
The thing really striking me here is the lack of solidarity with Lord Falderal. Why would she risk her relationship with him when clearly Falderal is attempting to at least partially change policy to what Americans actually want; jobs creation? Last time I checked, military spending creates jobs, and by the way, helps protect our collective asses from International miscreants.
I have always known that despite their pack mentality and inability to think on their own, Democrats will eventually all eat their own young. This is especially true when two things occur: their arrogance outgrows their usefulness as a public servant, or they become senile. Clearly, both are the case here. Oh I forgot the other, they also tend to demonize their brethren even more than Republicans during Primary season.
The message this kind of thing sends is so rotten on so many levels it’s mind-boggling. I am sure the troops overseas and here on the promised land are so gratified to hear that one of the most powerful legislators in the Nation is actively looking to hang them out to dry while they are out there risking their lives to protect the American way of life.
To the American people, in the wake of all the recent and growing security threats, a ridiculous comment like that is not exactly reassuring at a time when we need reassurance. The one thing we have going for us right now is a fantastic, dedicated and effective military and this douche bag is willing to screw that all up out of “fairness” to other programs? This is in fairness to all those Democratic programs that run so efficiently, right?
I’ve said it before and I realize I am completely biased in this thinking, but all I care about is a strong national defense. Otherwise, I would like the Government to keep their dirty, gnarly, paws out of my personal and commercial life.
Lord Falderal, even if he wanted to suddenly do the right thing and actually Govern the way the people who elected him would like, will continue to be plagued by his own posse. People like Pelosi can really screw things up for him and they seem to be ready to do so. I am not sure if it is because they smell the blood from all his failures and are seeking some kind of way out for themselves, or if it is just ingrained in their political strategic infrastructure, but whatever it is; Falderal needs a new crew and de-clawing Pelosi would be a good start.
Pelosi is vile pure and simple and offers absolutely nothing to this Legislature and the country as a whole. She outlived whatever small bit of usefulness she may have had eons ago and needs to disappear from the political theatre as fast as possible.
She needs a new wardrobe too. She looks like Talbots puked on her.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Godspeed Scott Brown!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cindy Sheehan: Idiot or Just in Need of Serious Therapy?

I have been kvetching about the lack of anti-war protestors since Lord Falderal took office last January. Apparently, protesting against war goes out of vogue when a Democrat takes office. I oftentimes wonder why it is these same people who were promised on January 21, 2009 the US would be withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, lack interest in holding Falderal accountable for not carrying out his lofty and impossible promises.

It seems to be the worst kind of hypocrisy, especially when dealing with the loss of human lives. Are these protestors really against War? Or, are they just against Republicans and more specifically the Bush administration? The last time I checked those guys were no longer in power, yet we are still at war. The worst part is we are at war without a leader. Thank heavens for the Generals.

Lord Falderal’s inexperience should have been quickly recognized by anyone with a brain stem when he made those ridiculous claims about being able to check out of the wars at will. It doesn’t work that way; something Falderal quickly learned when he took office. And, as we all know his solutions (which really aren’t his but thankfully the Generals) included sending more troops to both theatres. That was the right thing to do however, a reasonable person could assume it would piss off the anti-war folks.

Well, apparently it did, but they chose to go after the wrong targets.

Cindy Sheehan and her crew of misguided sycophants recently protested in front of CIA headquarters and Dick Cheney’s home in Northern Virginia. Does that make any sense to anybody? Ok, maybe the CIA thing makes sense…barely. But, near the Great White Hunter’s house? What exactly were they trying to prove? Wouldn’t a protest in front of say…the White House, or maybe the Pentagon be a better use of time and energy? I had mentioned in an earlier blog that it was curious Sheehan wasn’t protesting during Falderal’s vacation in Hawaii. Yet, she camped out in Crawford, TX at the Bush crib for a protracted period of time.

Something else that was curious was the thread of this particular protest. Sheehan and her crew of merry protestors were barking out against the use of unmanned drones to take out al Qaida and Taliban targets in Afghanistan. Again, does this make any sense? The lives using drones saves is extraordinary. If you have to be at war this is a great strategy to use to protect American troops while accomplishing the intended goals.

I have nothing against war protestors. I hate war. War is stupid, but as long as we stay just one step above Barbarian status in this world there will always be wars. Speaking out against war is truly an American right and we should all be proud of it. But, for fuck’s sake, hold everyone accountable and be true to the actual ideal.

Sheehan isn’t in this for the right reasons; she wants someone to blame for her son’s death and understandably so. I can’t imagine the pain she must feel. Anyone parent who couldn’t empathize on that level with her is inhuman. The problem here is to lash out at those who have no say in the matter is foolhardy and quite insane actually.

If Cindy Sheehan and her followers really wanted to affect some kind of change she would be making her voice heard by the Falderal administration. This is their gig now. The Commander in Speech is the one to be harassing. Leave Cheney alone to quietly have his 53rd heart attack and take his place in Hell along with Kennedy.

I think I know what Cindy Sheehan’s problem is. I am no psychologist, but I am positive she needs lots and lots of therapy and not the kind that comes from yelling and screaming at false targets. My suspicion is that her followers stay with her solely out of sympathy and not solid beliefs in bringing on any real change.

Cindy has to learn what a lot of Bush haters have to learn. It’s over. They are gone. The guy you elected is now the one to blame and the one to go to when you are pissed. Who you should be pissed off at is yourselves for believing the drivel Falderal was spouting not just about the wars but everything else as well.

How’s that CHANGE working for you Cindy Sheehan?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coakley Could Be a Game Changer

Martha Coakley. Hmm.

When Teddy Kennedy left this Earth to serve his penance in Hell, (by the way, save me a spot Ted, I always liked my Chivas warm) it was wrongly assumed by the well entrenched and always entitled Massachusetts Democratic party that his seat would easily be handed off to the next Democratic shill in line. Unfortunately, for the Democrats that shill was to be Massachusetts’s Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Coakley has never exactly been known for her campaigning acumen. During past elections she has refused to debate opponents and has flip-flopped on every major issue politicians usually take staunch positions on. Par example; Coakley supported Capital punishment for cop killers, then suddenly decided not to. Huh? I don’t know a lot of politicians who take that issue quite so lightly.

It has been said by even the most liberal of liberal publications, that Coakley’s campaigns lack soul and it’s not clear what she really believes in, besides wanting to further her career. To me, Coakley fits in perfectly with the current batch of morons in the Senate, so why wouldn’t she just sail into the former Lion’s den?

Because even in Massachusetts, people are pissed, that’s why.

This past year has shown what lofty promises and lack of experience get you: a huge quagmire that isn’t going away, and blaming the Bush Administration is getting old and worn out. Hell, even Falderal has started to own up to his own foibles.

Politicians have to learn that when you pass legislation the actual people you represent are against, there is going to be hell to pay. Think Health Care Reform. For far too long voters have remained somewhat apathetic. One good thing Lord Falderal did was wake up people who were fed up and looking for a change. Well, they got change. It was just the wrong change.

One thing I have learned in politics, which always proves true, is something former Connecticut Governor John Rowland told me during one of my campaigns. He said: “there are only two things to remember about how campaigns are won. It’s as easy as this, people either want to stay the course, or throw the bums out, and if you don’t know which side you fall on, you’re going to lose.” John went on to resign the Governor’s office in disgrace and spent a year in jail, but he certainly knew a thing or a million about winning elections.

Unfortunately, for Coakley and Massachusetts Democrats, the tiger Falderal woke up during the election were the Independents; people who actually think for themselves and were tired of the status quo. (By the way, I have never faulted this particular group for voting this idiot in, they really didn’t have much of a choice.) It is these folks who will decide the fate of these fat and happy cretins down on the Hill and across the mall to the White House. That crazy cult of personality Falderal developed during his campaign (you know the ones, the Prius drivers with the ridiculous bumper stickers) are not the people holding the dice. And, the Republicans are certainly not holding any key cards on their side of the table either. The Independents now have the power and that is as it should be.

Coakley has wrongly assumed Falderal’s particular wave of change is still cresting on the same platform. It’s not, and the failure to realize this could cost her big.

There are so many examples of Coakley’s campaign miss-steps it’s comical. She refuses to make public appearances, as mentioned before she will not debate, and get this; Coakley will not even take private meetings with groups of voters! My favorite Coakley quote is when asked about her foreign policy experience the reply was that she had once visited her sister overseas. Coakley also added in a fun little tidbit about there being no terrorists in Afghanistan. The worst part; she made that statement after the seven CIA agents were taken out by terrorists in Afghanistan. I am considering forgiving Sarah Palin for the “I can see Russia” from my hot tub, or whatever it was, quote from 2008!

But, Coakley’s biggest mistake of all is the arrogant manner in which she feels entitled to be the Senator from Massachusetts. In Coakley’s mind, that seat is her’s unequivocally and she need not prove anything to obtain it. Her attitude is not all her fault. Entitlement is pretty much the culture of the Massachusetts’s Democratic Party and always has been.

However, this year things are a bit different and a virtual unknown is positioned rather well to rip that seat away from the D’s, and with prejudice I might add. If Republican candidate Scott Brown wins this Tuesday, you can call it a mandate for the upcoming 2010 election season. Why? Because this particular key Senate seat was never considered to be vulnerable by anyone, Democrats or Republicans.

This could be a real coup for the Republicans. Not only would it provide hope and energy to their campaigns this season, it also tilts the balance of power in the Senate.

Brown has thundered his way into the threatening position he now holds over Coakley raising 1.3 million bucks in 24 hours and gaining support from all sides of the political spectrum.

Where does that leave Coakley? Begging lobbyists in Washington D.C. for money.

Oh, and this is a sparkly little anecdote. Whilst sucking the kneecaps of pharmaceutical and medical supply lobbyists for dough at a fund raiser in DC, the scumbag Democratic strategist Michael Meehan hip checked a reporter from the Weekly Standard to the ground, putting a ten inch rip in the hapless guy’s pant’s leg. Classy. That’ll teach him to ask questions of a candidate.

When queried about the incident, Coakley said no one really knew the facts of the case and referred to a conspiracy by her opponent’s campaign to harass her with faux media representatives. What? Good lord.

One thing working in her favor as far as that little faux pas goes is that it did not garner a whole heap of national media attention. Big surprise. As usual it was conveniently ignored at first and then the Haiti situation took over. So a lot of people have not been exposed to it.

Do not get the wrong idea, Coakley seriously could win just because, because, because. But, if she does lose, this is a massive victory not just for Republicans, but also for the voting public overall. It is time to be heard as a people now more than ever and this would be a great start.

Monday, January 11, 2010

We Have a Black President. Can We Stop Race Baiting Now?

What the hell is going on here?

The news is full of bullshit like: that asshole Reid making stupid “Negroe” remarks and the even bigger asshole; the questionable Rev. Al Sharpton calling out Slick Willie on his alleged conversation with the Lion during the ’08 campaign. A tete a tete in which Billie boy said the following:

“a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

Kennedy took exception to this remark and correctly so, as it was the backbone of Bill Clinton’s failed sell job for Teddy to back his wife instead of Lord Falderal (Barack Obama) in the ’08 primary.

Well, ol’ Al Sharpton took exception too. This perennial piece of shit turned Slick’s words into something racially based instead of what it really was; a stab at Falderal’s experience. And, of course, since the Lion has since departed this life we will never really know what he thought the remark pertained to. However, we do know it helped Teddy make the decision to back Falderal and not Billary. How convenient for Sharpton, eh?

This jackass is so repulsive he makes even the worst of reality fame whores look legit. He can turn a burned hamburger into a victim if it gets him print or airtime. The worst part is guys like Sharpton take away from the actual problems of the Falderal administration by bringing attention to racial non-issues. Perhaps this is a defensive strategy to draw away from the fact that Falderal is indeed as Bill pointed out; grossly inexperienced. Something he has proven on a daily basis since January 21, 2009.

Whatever it is, it is dangerous stuff. Does anyone with a brain really care that the President is black besides being just a first to add to the history books? My emotions on election night were severely mixed. I have never been more proud of America in that it did elect a person of color, but at the same time they clearly elected the wrong black person.

I thought, finally, we are close to over this racial crap. But, jackasses like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can’t seem to let it go. In my opinion they are no help to African Americans at all. In fact, they are an anachronism of the civil rights movement. They need to step aside and let a new generation take over. These guys have preyed on the poorest of the poor and disenfranchised for their own fame and fortune. Any advances African Americans have made have been in spite of these two incident instigating fame whores. Falderal may be a crappy President but he should be an inspiration, not these idiots.

While I am at it, let’s move from false heroes and onto the news media.

Fox News and oddly, some of the more liberal media have been after Reid over remarks brought to light by the book, “Game Change” over the weekend.

Reid stated Falderal had a chance to win the election because he was “light-skinned” and lacked a “negroe dialect unless he wanted to have one”. Yeah, ok maybe a bit racially insensitive, but this could have been any old white guy during a strategy session.

I am not sure there is officially a “negroe dialect”, but what Reid said was not inaccurate. Falderal does switch between a gentile manner of speaking and a harder “street” version when addressing a primarily black audience. So what? So does every other politician in office or seeking office, including yours truly. You adapt to the audience. That’s all it is. Falderal can do it because he is Black; let him do it and leave him alone.

I would love to see Reid taken down in any manner possible, but this is silly and can serve only to widen racial divides that were healing so well. The Republicans are demanding Reid step down and use Trent Lott as an example. Kudos to them for trying to get rid of this Demon of Hell, but I would prefer it be done on something a little less flimsy.

Yes, Trent Lott may have pulled the trigger a little too soon because of his racial insensitivity but R’s have to face it; they are always going to be seen as racist and thus held to a higher standard than D’s. R’s have never been more racist than D’s but that is what the media has successfully indoctrinated the public into thinking. But, when an R fucks up with a racial comment, they have to be ready to lose their head.

To use this argument against Reid is foolhardy. The D’s will forgive Reid for a number of reasons not the least of which is the very fact that he is a Democrat. Let it go, Republicans. Don’t go down that road of hype. This guy is toast in the 2010 elections anyway. Let’s watch him go down the old fashioned way; by letting the people decide they no longer want him. Being tossed out is much more painful than a scandal where he can claim the part of scapegoat. Don’t give this subhuman life form the satisfaction.

I have no tolerance for all the fools mentioned in this blog. With the exception of Teddy obviously, they all need to go away and the sooner the better. But, race as the catalyst to make them look bad? Ridiculous. Their records are all enough to toss them out on their useless asses.

Friday, January 8, 2010

And, His Response is More Bureaucracy?

All I care about is security. It’s the one thing I want from my government. In a perfect world we would barely know that government existed past election time. We could go about our business building the country on the capitalist model it was originally based on without having to worry about terrorist attacks from international radical organizations.

I don’t need government for anything else. Just about every function that government provides could be handled by private enterprise. From the building and maintenance of infrastructure to the task of taking care of the poor and those who cannot care for themselves, it could be done privately. We as a people can do anything better than government with the exception of protecting the nation on a global level. Yeah, this is a really lofty statement and it will never happen but it is possible. Maybe in another post I will lay out some of the reasons why it would never happen. The point is: beyond protecting us, government is useless.

That was my main reason for not wanting Lord Falderal to be elected. I knew given his inexperience and political philosophies, electing him to the position of Commander-in-Chief would be the biggest mistake this nation has ever made. I know, a bunch of you Bush bashers out there just threw up a little in your mouths. But, as I have said before as dumb as Bush may have been, I still felt protected.

Unfortunately, the memory of the average American runs pretty shallow. Lord Falderal’s promises of a unicorn in every yard and pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, was enough to get people to vote for his ridiculous notions of how to change things. Forgotten was the very real fact that bad people still want to take us down.

After 9/11, we all lived pretty terror free lives thanks to the former administration who stepped up to the plate and made damn sure we didn’t have the same thing happen again. Before this recent terror attempt, we as a country had pretty much fallen back to the way things were before 9/11. And, what has been the response of the current administration? Honestly, I don’t know.

What I do know is that no one in this administration seems to know what anyone else is doing. The communication between departments seems to follow no specific path. That alone would seem to indicate we should be very scared. As mush as people may have hated the boys + Condie Rice club of the Bush team, at least they always seemed to be on board with each other. And, when someone fucked up it was off with their head.

Now, we have this D-bag Napolitano going back and forth on deciding whether the system failed or not. Then we have Falderal making entirely different statements from hers. (Don’t they have phones between their departments?) Then we basically have two weeks of nothing at all from the Commander in Speech until finally he admits the buck stops with him and the system has failed in its entirety. Well, awesome, it is so refreshing to hear him take ownership and not blame the Bush crew for once.

However, Lord Falderal still doesn’t get it.

His solution to this, our biggest of problems by the way, is more bureaucracy. He wants more accountability, which will be achieved through additional layers of useless positions which we will pay many billions of dollars for. Here is a direct quote:

“I’ve directed agency heads to establish internal accountability reviews, and directed my national security staff to monitor their efforts.”

Uh ok.

I have a better idea Falderal. Try this on for size. How about treating the problem (which you really should wake up and realize is serious) with the urgency it requires. All your systems moved too slowly. There were so many levels at which we could have caught this scumbag Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. But let’s not belabor that point; it’s water under the bridge. The key now is to grow a set, stop acting the part of celebrity President, and do something to protect our country from these very dangerous and very real threats.

It is about empowerment. From the very beginning Lord Falderal has done everything within his power to demoralize our intelligence community. He took the power to interrogate from the CIA and handed it to the FBI. Excuse me? Our President has treated the War in Iraq as a civil criminal matter, not wars to be won.[1]

How would this empower and raise the morale of our dedicated intelligence agencies to do the best they possibly can? How is giving an international police agency (INTERPOL) powers over and above those of our own law enforcement supposed to make them feel worthy?

The answer is not more bureaucracy. The answer is remembering that no matter what, we do have a War on Terror going on and it is a bigger threat to our way of life than any other issue out there: healthcare, immigration, even the economy.

I am going to invoke a ghost here. We were left grossly under protected by Clinton when he hacked off the nuts of the CIA and let our military go slack as well. I believe rightly or wrongly, that that helped provide the vision for bin Laden when he ordered the attack on the Towers. It was the combination of those two events and the apparently unquenchable need to tempt the tiger, in this case Bush, to see how far they could go. They got their answer, in spades.

We are almost in the same lackadaisical position now as we were before the planes hit the Trade Center. You can bet terrorists all over the world were completely psyched at the outcome of our last election. Unfortunately, if Falderal doesn’t do something about it, these little breaches over the last year are going to be the smallest of terrorist attacks on US soil under Falderal.

[1] Speaking of the War being a civil criminal matter; Mayor Michael Bloomberg has estimated the security costs of trying the 9/11 terrorists in NYC will be North of $250 mil. Nice, huh?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And, You Thought Republicans Took Away Your Civil Rights!

Oh Yeah, The Patriot Act Violated Our Civil Rights! Check THIS out!


Just as I was finishing up my Holiday cheer session and was getting back to letting my anger stew over Lord Falderal’s security foibles, (for those of you just joining us Lord Falderal is my euphemism for Obama) a good friend of mine turned me on to this little tidbit of info that flew under the media’s radar screen:


The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

December 17, 2009

Executive Order — Amending Executive Order 12425

- – - – - – -

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words “except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act” and the semicolon that immediately precedes them.


December 16, 2009.


That’s not from The Onion, or Fox News, nor is it an excerpt from a Rush Limbaugh broadcast; this little piece of civil rights crushing verbiage comes directly from the White House’s Official Website. Here it is if you want to fact check it:

So, anyone hear about this yet? Probably, not. It was barely mentioned in any of those austere media outlets that were more than happy to jump all over the Patriot Act the second the toner dried on the White House Press Corp briefings.

One of the reasons you may not have heard of it is because Lord Falderal was basically signing this particular Executive Order with one step on the side rails of Marine One as he jettisoned himself to Hawaii for some body surfing and golf.

Far be it for me to deny even a slacker like Falderal, a nice vaca at the Holiday Season, however, it would seem to me this order would merit a little more coverage than some of his other Executive Orders such as: “Obama prohibits texting by Federal employees while driving to work”. That earth shattering Executive Order appeared in the New York Times on October 2, 2009. Good thing they reported that! Imagine the chaos had they not! And, to be fair, Bush could have won an extreme vacationing contest hands down. My point is that Falderal used the media hype of his Holiday to overshadow this ridiculous EO.

In case you’re not in the mood to go check exactly what Executive Order 12425 is, here is a down and dirty primer. Back in the 80’s President Reagan issued an executive order giving INTERPOL, the International Police Organization, the ability to operate on US soil with certain privileges. In fact, those privileges gave INTERPOL the same authority as our federal law enforcement agencies like the CIA, FBI and others.

However, the Order correctly and prudently bound INTERPOL to respecting the 4th Amendment search and seizure rights given to all American citizens under the Constitution, just like our American law enforcement organizations.

What Falderal has done is rescind the part of the Order that dictates INTERPOL respect our rights. In other words, INTERPOL can operate above the laws the CIA, FBI, DEA, HAS, etc, must abide by.

Here’s an example to drive it home:

Imagine if you will, somehow you wound up in a terrorist investigation. Maybe you were bouncing about the Internet and spent some time on an Al Qaeda website out of sheer curiosity and the FBI caught wind of it. Being the open kind of agency they are; they share that info with INTERPOL.

One sunny Tuesday afternoon a cadre of dark SUVs appear in the driveway of your suburban Cape. Out jumps an American FBI agent and a Yemeni Agent from INTERPOL. (Yemen is a member of INTERPOL) After politely ringing your doorbell, which of course plays the chorus of “God Bless America”, the FBI dude asks if he can search your house and take your hard drive down to the shop. After your initial panic wanes to a manageable terror, you ask if he has a warrant. For sake of argument, he doesn’t. You tell him to pound sand and close the door; already fingering the buttons of your iPhone and speed dialing your attorney.

Not so fast.

The Yemeni Agent walks right past you and starts tossing your Grandmother Biddy’s china around. He calmly walks over and has a look at your Internet browser and there is the website you spent two minutes on one night during a bout of insomnia.

Our Yemeni friend decides that’s enough to arrest you on, places you in cuffs and confiscates everything in your house including Biddy’s china. As you’re screaming at the FBI guy to help, he gives you a copy of Executive Order 12425. And, by the way, where you are going you won’t be playing tennis with Bernie Madoff. You will be begging for a good water-boarding session after they get done with your American butt.

Farfetched? Kind of, but not really. The players in my scenario are unlikely of course, but I think it illustrates the point rather well. Don’t kid yourself either, this kind of stuff does happen.

I honestly didn’t have a problem with the Patriot Act. You may say, but J, it’s the same thing you’re bitching about. No, it is not. The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of is giving international law enforcement the right to operate in our country above our laws. Allowing our own law enforcement certain latitude when investigating known terrorists is certainly a horse of another color. I shouldn’t have to explain the obvious distinction here, if I do, you need to stop reading and go to the comics page of your local dying newspaper.

I really wonder what Falderal’s cult of personality supporters think of all this. Will they stay blind and stupid, or will they actually do something about it. Hopefully, they will see the light. Most of us who voted for Bush were able to admit we may have been wrong. But at least with that administration we enjoyed clear answers and clear follow through and not a bunch of useless drivel and rhetoric. Oh and at least they preserved our civil rights in as much as protecting us from foreign law enforcement.

My guess is this will fall down the same hole as the anti-war movement did. You know, like where are the protesters when Falderal ordered the extra 30,000 troops to Afghanistan? (After three months of mental masturbation) Why wasn’t Cindy Sheehan hanging out in Hawaii protesting the war to Falderal? I guess Crawford, TX was easier to get to.

Here are some links to other blogs that reported on this story. Check them out and be amazed.–the-media-angle&h=530f53ba52d126f2bbb4c2e03f1b796d