Monday, January 11, 2010

We Have a Black President. Can We Stop Race Baiting Now?

What the hell is going on here?

The news is full of bullshit like: that asshole Reid making stupid “Negroe” remarks and the even bigger asshole; the questionable Rev. Al Sharpton calling out Slick Willie on his alleged conversation with the Lion during the ’08 campaign. A tete a tete in which Billie boy said the following:

“a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

Kennedy took exception to this remark and correctly so, as it was the backbone of Bill Clinton’s failed sell job for Teddy to back his wife instead of Lord Falderal (Barack Obama) in the ’08 primary.

Well, ol’ Al Sharpton took exception too. This perennial piece of shit turned Slick’s words into something racially based instead of what it really was; a stab at Falderal’s experience. And, of course, since the Lion has since departed this life we will never really know what he thought the remark pertained to. However, we do know it helped Teddy make the decision to back Falderal and not Billary. How convenient for Sharpton, eh?

This jackass is so repulsive he makes even the worst of reality fame whores look legit. He can turn a burned hamburger into a victim if it gets him print or airtime. The worst part is guys like Sharpton take away from the actual problems of the Falderal administration by bringing attention to racial non-issues. Perhaps this is a defensive strategy to draw away from the fact that Falderal is indeed as Bill pointed out; grossly inexperienced. Something he has proven on a daily basis since January 21, 2009.

Whatever it is, it is dangerous stuff. Does anyone with a brain really care that the President is black besides being just a first to add to the history books? My emotions on election night were severely mixed. I have never been more proud of America in that it did elect a person of color, but at the same time they clearly elected the wrong black person.

I thought, finally, we are close to over this racial crap. But, jackasses like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can’t seem to let it go. In my opinion they are no help to African Americans at all. In fact, they are an anachronism of the civil rights movement. They need to step aside and let a new generation take over. These guys have preyed on the poorest of the poor and disenfranchised for their own fame and fortune. Any advances African Americans have made have been in spite of these two incident instigating fame whores. Falderal may be a crappy President but he should be an inspiration, not these idiots.

While I am at it, let’s move from false heroes and onto the news media.

Fox News and oddly, some of the more liberal media have been after Reid over remarks brought to light by the book, “Game Change” over the weekend.

Reid stated Falderal had a chance to win the election because he was “light-skinned” and lacked a “negroe dialect unless he wanted to have one”. Yeah, ok maybe a bit racially insensitive, but this could have been any old white guy during a strategy session.

I am not sure there is officially a “negroe dialect”, but what Reid said was not inaccurate. Falderal does switch between a gentile manner of speaking and a harder “street” version when addressing a primarily black audience. So what? So does every other politician in office or seeking office, including yours truly. You adapt to the audience. That’s all it is. Falderal can do it because he is Black; let him do it and leave him alone.

I would love to see Reid taken down in any manner possible, but this is silly and can serve only to widen racial divides that were healing so well. The Republicans are demanding Reid step down and use Trent Lott as an example. Kudos to them for trying to get rid of this Demon of Hell, but I would prefer it be done on something a little less flimsy.

Yes, Trent Lott may have pulled the trigger a little too soon because of his racial insensitivity but R’s have to face it; they are always going to be seen as racist and thus held to a higher standard than D’s. R’s have never been more racist than D’s but that is what the media has successfully indoctrinated the public into thinking. But, when an R fucks up with a racial comment, they have to be ready to lose their head.

To use this argument against Reid is foolhardy. The D’s will forgive Reid for a number of reasons not the least of which is the very fact that he is a Democrat. Let it go, Republicans. Don’t go down that road of hype. This guy is toast in the 2010 elections anyway. Let’s watch him go down the old fashioned way; by letting the people decide they no longer want him. Being tossed out is much more painful than a scandal where he can claim the part of scapegoat. Don’t give this subhuman life form the satisfaction.

I have no tolerance for all the fools mentioned in this blog. With the exception of Teddy obviously, they all need to go away and the sooner the better. But, race as the catalyst to make them look bad? Ridiculous. Their records are all enough to toss them out on their useless asses.

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