Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Must Die! (politically)

Are you kidding me? No, seriously are you FUCKING kidding me?

Hours before heading into the Chambers to catch the American public up on just how Falderal et al were able to screw the country up more in one year than any President in history (wait a minute, I guess that is something), that complete and utter douche bag, the gentle lady from California Nancy Pelosi, suggested adding defense cuts into the State of the Union! As the kids would say, WTF and OMG!

I seriously didn’t think she could get any more supremely stupid, but I guess if you live long enough…as the saying goes. Here is a quote from the see you next Tuesday Senator to in response to Falderal’s fairness in his proposed cuts:

“Well, I think that if there is going to be a spending freeze, it should be across the board," she said. "That is to say, we all want a strong national defense, and we want to fund it in an appropriate way," she said. "But we're not here to protect defense contractors. ... And the fact is, if we have to cut spending, we should subject every dollar to that same scrutiny."
As you can see, Pelosi is not just anti-defense, but apparently anti-business as well.
Here is something to think about Nancy; how about we stop sending you to places like, oh say, Copenhagen, with your cavalcade of three Military jets to the tune of $1,000,000, so you can do, what is it you do again? Oh that’s right, nothing. How much would we save there? Those three jets surely could have been doing something more productive than hauling your useless, entitled arse all over the globe.
The thing really striking me here is the lack of solidarity with Lord Falderal. Why would she risk her relationship with him when clearly Falderal is attempting to at least partially change policy to what Americans actually want; jobs creation? Last time I checked, military spending creates jobs, and by the way, helps protect our collective asses from International miscreants.
I have always known that despite their pack mentality and inability to think on their own, Democrats will eventually all eat their own young. This is especially true when two things occur: their arrogance outgrows their usefulness as a public servant, or they become senile. Clearly, both are the case here. Oh I forgot the other, they also tend to demonize their brethren even more than Republicans during Primary season.
The message this kind of thing sends is so rotten on so many levels it’s mind-boggling. I am sure the troops overseas and here on the promised land are so gratified to hear that one of the most powerful legislators in the Nation is actively looking to hang them out to dry while they are out there risking their lives to protect the American way of life.
To the American people, in the wake of all the recent and growing security threats, a ridiculous comment like that is not exactly reassuring at a time when we need reassurance. The one thing we have going for us right now is a fantastic, dedicated and effective military and this douche bag is willing to screw that all up out of “fairness” to other programs? This is in fairness to all those Democratic programs that run so efficiently, right?
I’ve said it before and I realize I am completely biased in this thinking, but all I care about is a strong national defense. Otherwise, I would like the Government to keep their dirty, gnarly, paws out of my personal and commercial life.
Lord Falderal, even if he wanted to suddenly do the right thing and actually Govern the way the people who elected him would like, will continue to be plagued by his own posse. People like Pelosi can really screw things up for him and they seem to be ready to do so. I am not sure if it is because they smell the blood from all his failures and are seeking some kind of way out for themselves, or if it is just ingrained in their political strategic infrastructure, but whatever it is; Falderal needs a new crew and de-clawing Pelosi would be a good start.
Pelosi is vile pure and simple and offers absolutely nothing to this Legislature and the country as a whole. She outlived whatever small bit of usefulness she may have had eons ago and needs to disappear from the political theatre as fast as possible.
She needs a new wardrobe too. She looks like Talbots puked on her.


  1. Thanks whoever you are -
    It's good to see some sensible writing about this f3ckin b*tch. I really can't understand how people like this get voted into office. Californians are seriously shot.
    Alright, before I get too far away from the subject I really just wanted to say -

    What Nancy Pelosi did yesterday was probably nothing more than a ruse. It was probably planned collaboration between her and the White House in an effort to bolster support for O'Bama.
    Calling for a spending freeze that includes the military created an opportunity for the White House to say - NO WAY!!!
    Which will be interpreted by most people as a good decision by O'Bama.

  2. Man, I don't know how you follow this stuff. I rots my brain and soul from the inside out everytime I am exposed to it. I know, you love it, and I like to talk about it too - but how do we continue to live with this disappointment? I feel a little like the kid whose parents always promise a new bicycle, or to take him to the park, but end up just ignoring him or beating him with a stick.

    You pack up you things and go? Well, what if that house they lived in belonged to the little boy? The parents were just there to take care of him and the property until he's old enough. What if the kid 'chose' them as his parents to care for him. What then?

    Well, the kid would feel sick, disappointed, and would be looking toward the future to a day when he can change things. Oh, ok .. thanks. Now I know why I feel this way (And no, I did not vote for either of them, but I still want to hurl)

  3. Is it true that her father was in the MAFIA? Someone told me that. I have NO clue what she does or where she came from.....neither am I really interested in finding out either!

  4. The whole administration should resign ... President on down. It is shameful what is happening to America. 3 More Years? We won't last.

  5. this woman is the biggest fucking cunt on the planet and i pray she dies a slow miserable fact i hope she gets raped by a thousand alquaedas


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