Friday, January 29, 2010

Bipartisanship? Bit Late Falderal, Ain't It?


Lord Falderal takes a meeting with the Republicans and begs for more cooperation and bipartisanship immediately after the worst State of the Union address in recent history, and immediately following an ass whipping of the extreme sort in the bluest state in the Country.

Normally, I would be all for this attempt at solidarity between the Legislative and Executive branch and would keep my big fat mouth shut. However, since it speaks so clearly to what I have been pointing out since Falderal took office, specifically his inexperience, I must opine openly.

Bipartisanship would have been fantastic immediately following inauguration day. But, despite his howling on high about being open to everybody’s opinion on what direction the country should head in, Falderal developed amnesia of the worst sort and any semblance of bipartisanship went the way of the Bush Administration; out to pasture, probably on some ranch in Texas, on January 21, 2009.

That was a shining example of Falderal’s inexperience.

Apparently, at Harvard, during the 48 hours he spent in the Senate, and all his time spent at ACORN, Falderal didn’t learn that despite having a majority in both houses, it does one well to play nicely with others. Because you never know when something like, oh I don’t know, the death of a senior senator may occur right when your popularity goes into the toilet and the country ain’t so hot on your goods any longer.

Learning the kind of lesson Falderal is learning now is valuable stuff to say the least. The thing is most politicians learn it long before running for President. On the job training when you are the President is never good for the country, especially when the lesson is so basic; play well with others in an effort to do your best for the American people. It’s called a team effort Lord Falderal.

Seeking out bipartisanship now borders on the ludicrous. That is; as long as the Republicans aren’t stupid enough to cave into this ill-advised ploy to regain any relevance he possibly can. Had the Republicans been smart, which would have been a serious leap of faith, they would have insisted in yesterdays little get together, that Falderal lop off the dangly bits of Pelosi and Reid (wonder who’s are bigger) and demand that any legislation, health care or otherwise, include more than just one line from the Republican side of the aisle from here on out.

That is what they would have done had they been smart.

Predictably, they weren’t. Yesterday’s meeting was a complete waste of time, which was billed in the press as “a step in the right direction”. If you believe that I have a bridge…blah blah blah.

All Falderal and the R’s did was widen the chasm between them which is great for Republican elections this Fall (not a bad thing). But, it still doesn’t bode well for the American people in the interim.

As fun as it is to treat politics as a game, like yours truly, the consequences of what I and every other yahoo out there loves to comment about are dire in the real world. These two parties of arrogant, entitled and clueless criminals have no intention of helping out anyone on the ground. That’s the real tragedy.

Sure there are all sorts of fun things to point out about yesterdays summit of the sailors of the Ship of Fools: Falderal finally kowtows and what do his brethren think of such contrition, Republicans get a chance to school Falderal, all sorts of contentious questions and answers to be strung out to the n’th degree and so on and so forth.

But herein lie the problem. In a meeting in which both parties accused the other of providing only dangerous rhetoric and no solutions, we are left with just another rhetoric session! We now have rhetoric meetings regarding rhetoric!! I wonder what it cost us to cart all these idiots to that meeting?

So, where are the American people left? In the same downward spiral as before the State of the Union speech. Falderal merely hit rewind and summoned up the ghosts of his 2008 campaign and then faked a moment of contrition.

Falderal actually said that he would rather be a good one term President than a mediocre two term President. I want to know for whom he would like to be a good one term President. I am pretty sure it is not for us, but for him.

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