Friday, January 8, 2010

And, His Response is More Bureaucracy?

All I care about is security. It’s the one thing I want from my government. In a perfect world we would barely know that government existed past election time. We could go about our business building the country on the capitalist model it was originally based on without having to worry about terrorist attacks from international radical organizations.

I don’t need government for anything else. Just about every function that government provides could be handled by private enterprise. From the building and maintenance of infrastructure to the task of taking care of the poor and those who cannot care for themselves, it could be done privately. We as a people can do anything better than government with the exception of protecting the nation on a global level. Yeah, this is a really lofty statement and it will never happen but it is possible. Maybe in another post I will lay out some of the reasons why it would never happen. The point is: beyond protecting us, government is useless.

That was my main reason for not wanting Lord Falderal to be elected. I knew given his inexperience and political philosophies, electing him to the position of Commander-in-Chief would be the biggest mistake this nation has ever made. I know, a bunch of you Bush bashers out there just threw up a little in your mouths. But, as I have said before as dumb as Bush may have been, I still felt protected.

Unfortunately, the memory of the average American runs pretty shallow. Lord Falderal’s promises of a unicorn in every yard and pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, was enough to get people to vote for his ridiculous notions of how to change things. Forgotten was the very real fact that bad people still want to take us down.

After 9/11, we all lived pretty terror free lives thanks to the former administration who stepped up to the plate and made damn sure we didn’t have the same thing happen again. Before this recent terror attempt, we as a country had pretty much fallen back to the way things were before 9/11. And, what has been the response of the current administration? Honestly, I don’t know.

What I do know is that no one in this administration seems to know what anyone else is doing. The communication between departments seems to follow no specific path. That alone would seem to indicate we should be very scared. As mush as people may have hated the boys + Condie Rice club of the Bush team, at least they always seemed to be on board with each other. And, when someone fucked up it was off with their head.

Now, we have this D-bag Napolitano going back and forth on deciding whether the system failed or not. Then we have Falderal making entirely different statements from hers. (Don’t they have phones between their departments?) Then we basically have two weeks of nothing at all from the Commander in Speech until finally he admits the buck stops with him and the system has failed in its entirety. Well, awesome, it is so refreshing to hear him take ownership and not blame the Bush crew for once.

However, Lord Falderal still doesn’t get it.

His solution to this, our biggest of problems by the way, is more bureaucracy. He wants more accountability, which will be achieved through additional layers of useless positions which we will pay many billions of dollars for. Here is a direct quote:

“I’ve directed agency heads to establish internal accountability reviews, and directed my national security staff to monitor their efforts.”

Uh ok.

I have a better idea Falderal. Try this on for size. How about treating the problem (which you really should wake up and realize is serious) with the urgency it requires. All your systems moved too slowly. There were so many levels at which we could have caught this scumbag Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. But let’s not belabor that point; it’s water under the bridge. The key now is to grow a set, stop acting the part of celebrity President, and do something to protect our country from these very dangerous and very real threats.

It is about empowerment. From the very beginning Lord Falderal has done everything within his power to demoralize our intelligence community. He took the power to interrogate from the CIA and handed it to the FBI. Excuse me? Our President has treated the War in Iraq as a civil criminal matter, not wars to be won.[1]

How would this empower and raise the morale of our dedicated intelligence agencies to do the best they possibly can? How is giving an international police agency (INTERPOL) powers over and above those of our own law enforcement supposed to make them feel worthy?

The answer is not more bureaucracy. The answer is remembering that no matter what, we do have a War on Terror going on and it is a bigger threat to our way of life than any other issue out there: healthcare, immigration, even the economy.

I am going to invoke a ghost here. We were left grossly under protected by Clinton when he hacked off the nuts of the CIA and let our military go slack as well. I believe rightly or wrongly, that that helped provide the vision for bin Laden when he ordered the attack on the Towers. It was the combination of those two events and the apparently unquenchable need to tempt the tiger, in this case Bush, to see how far they could go. They got their answer, in spades.

We are almost in the same lackadaisical position now as we were before the planes hit the Trade Center. You can bet terrorists all over the world were completely psyched at the outcome of our last election. Unfortunately, if Falderal doesn’t do something about it, these little breaches over the last year are going to be the smallest of terrorist attacks on US soil under Falderal.

[1] Speaking of the War being a civil criminal matter; Mayor Michael Bloomberg has estimated the security costs of trying the 9/11 terrorists in NYC will be North of $250 mil. Nice, huh?

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