Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coakley Could Be a Game Changer

Martha Coakley. Hmm.

When Teddy Kennedy left this Earth to serve his penance in Hell, (by the way, save me a spot Ted, I always liked my Chivas warm) it was wrongly assumed by the well entrenched and always entitled Massachusetts Democratic party that his seat would easily be handed off to the next Democratic shill in line. Unfortunately, for the Democrats that shill was to be Massachusetts’s Attorney General Martha Coakley.

Coakley has never exactly been known for her campaigning acumen. During past elections she has refused to debate opponents and has flip-flopped on every major issue politicians usually take staunch positions on. Par example; Coakley supported Capital punishment for cop killers, then suddenly decided not to. Huh? I don’t know a lot of politicians who take that issue quite so lightly.

It has been said by even the most liberal of liberal publications, that Coakley’s campaigns lack soul and it’s not clear what she really believes in, besides wanting to further her career. To me, Coakley fits in perfectly with the current batch of morons in the Senate, so why wouldn’t she just sail into the former Lion’s den?

Because even in Massachusetts, people are pissed, that’s why.

This past year has shown what lofty promises and lack of experience get you: a huge quagmire that isn’t going away, and blaming the Bush Administration is getting old and worn out. Hell, even Falderal has started to own up to his own foibles.

Politicians have to learn that when you pass legislation the actual people you represent are against, there is going to be hell to pay. Think Health Care Reform. For far too long voters have remained somewhat apathetic. One good thing Lord Falderal did was wake up people who were fed up and looking for a change. Well, they got change. It was just the wrong change.

One thing I have learned in politics, which always proves true, is something former Connecticut Governor John Rowland told me during one of my campaigns. He said: “there are only two things to remember about how campaigns are won. It’s as easy as this, people either want to stay the course, or throw the bums out, and if you don’t know which side you fall on, you’re going to lose.” John went on to resign the Governor’s office in disgrace and spent a year in jail, but he certainly knew a thing or a million about winning elections.

Unfortunately, for Coakley and Massachusetts Democrats, the tiger Falderal woke up during the election were the Independents; people who actually think for themselves and were tired of the status quo. (By the way, I have never faulted this particular group for voting this idiot in, they really didn’t have much of a choice.) It is these folks who will decide the fate of these fat and happy cretins down on the Hill and across the mall to the White House. That crazy cult of personality Falderal developed during his campaign (you know the ones, the Prius drivers with the ridiculous bumper stickers) are not the people holding the dice. And, the Republicans are certainly not holding any key cards on their side of the table either. The Independents now have the power and that is as it should be.

Coakley has wrongly assumed Falderal’s particular wave of change is still cresting on the same platform. It’s not, and the failure to realize this could cost her big.

There are so many examples of Coakley’s campaign miss-steps it’s comical. She refuses to make public appearances, as mentioned before she will not debate, and get this; Coakley will not even take private meetings with groups of voters! My favorite Coakley quote is when asked about her foreign policy experience the reply was that she had once visited her sister overseas. Coakley also added in a fun little tidbit about there being no terrorists in Afghanistan. The worst part; she made that statement after the seven CIA agents were taken out by terrorists in Afghanistan. I am considering forgiving Sarah Palin for the “I can see Russia” from my hot tub, or whatever it was, quote from 2008!

But, Coakley’s biggest mistake of all is the arrogant manner in which she feels entitled to be the Senator from Massachusetts. In Coakley’s mind, that seat is her’s unequivocally and she need not prove anything to obtain it. Her attitude is not all her fault. Entitlement is pretty much the culture of the Massachusetts’s Democratic Party and always has been.

However, this year things are a bit different and a virtual unknown is positioned rather well to rip that seat away from the D’s, and with prejudice I might add. If Republican candidate Scott Brown wins this Tuesday, you can call it a mandate for the upcoming 2010 election season. Why? Because this particular key Senate seat was never considered to be vulnerable by anyone, Democrats or Republicans.

This could be a real coup for the Republicans. Not only would it provide hope and energy to their campaigns this season, it also tilts the balance of power in the Senate.

Brown has thundered his way into the threatening position he now holds over Coakley raising 1.3 million bucks in 24 hours and gaining support from all sides of the political spectrum.

Where does that leave Coakley? Begging lobbyists in Washington D.C. for money.

Oh, and this is a sparkly little anecdote. Whilst sucking the kneecaps of pharmaceutical and medical supply lobbyists for dough at a fund raiser in DC, the scumbag Democratic strategist Michael Meehan hip checked a reporter from the Weekly Standard to the ground, putting a ten inch rip in the hapless guy’s pant’s leg. Classy. That’ll teach him to ask questions of a candidate.

When queried about the incident, Coakley said no one really knew the facts of the case and referred to a conspiracy by her opponent’s campaign to harass her with faux media representatives. What? Good lord.

One thing working in her favor as far as that little faux pas goes is that it did not garner a whole heap of national media attention. Big surprise. As usual it was conveniently ignored at first and then the Haiti situation took over. So a lot of people have not been exposed to it.

Do not get the wrong idea, Coakley seriously could win just because, because, because. But, if she does lose, this is a massive victory not just for Republicans, but also for the voting public overall. It is time to be heard as a people now more than ever and this would be a great start.

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