Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cindy Sheehan: Idiot or Just in Need of Serious Therapy?

I have been kvetching about the lack of anti-war protestors since Lord Falderal took office last January. Apparently, protesting against war goes out of vogue when a Democrat takes office. I oftentimes wonder why it is these same people who were promised on January 21, 2009 the US would be withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, lack interest in holding Falderal accountable for not carrying out his lofty and impossible promises.

It seems to be the worst kind of hypocrisy, especially when dealing with the loss of human lives. Are these protestors really against War? Or, are they just against Republicans and more specifically the Bush administration? The last time I checked those guys were no longer in power, yet we are still at war. The worst part is we are at war without a leader. Thank heavens for the Generals.

Lord Falderal’s inexperience should have been quickly recognized by anyone with a brain stem when he made those ridiculous claims about being able to check out of the wars at will. It doesn’t work that way; something Falderal quickly learned when he took office. And, as we all know his solutions (which really aren’t his but thankfully the Generals) included sending more troops to both theatres. That was the right thing to do however, a reasonable person could assume it would piss off the anti-war folks.

Well, apparently it did, but they chose to go after the wrong targets.

Cindy Sheehan and her crew of misguided sycophants recently protested in front of CIA headquarters and Dick Cheney’s home in Northern Virginia. Does that make any sense to anybody? Ok, maybe the CIA thing makes sense…barely. But, near the Great White Hunter’s house? What exactly were they trying to prove? Wouldn’t a protest in front of say…the White House, or maybe the Pentagon be a better use of time and energy? I had mentioned in an earlier blog that it was curious Sheehan wasn’t protesting during Falderal’s vacation in Hawaii. Yet, she camped out in Crawford, TX at the Bush crib for a protracted period of time.

Something else that was curious was the thread of this particular protest. Sheehan and her crew of merry protestors were barking out against the use of unmanned drones to take out al Qaida and Taliban targets in Afghanistan. Again, does this make any sense? The lives using drones saves is extraordinary. If you have to be at war this is a great strategy to use to protect American troops while accomplishing the intended goals.

I have nothing against war protestors. I hate war. War is stupid, but as long as we stay just one step above Barbarian status in this world there will always be wars. Speaking out against war is truly an American right and we should all be proud of it. But, for fuck’s sake, hold everyone accountable and be true to the actual ideal.

Sheehan isn’t in this for the right reasons; she wants someone to blame for her son’s death and understandably so. I can’t imagine the pain she must feel. Anyone parent who couldn’t empathize on that level with her is inhuman. The problem here is to lash out at those who have no say in the matter is foolhardy and quite insane actually.

If Cindy Sheehan and her followers really wanted to affect some kind of change she would be making her voice heard by the Falderal administration. This is their gig now. The Commander in Speech is the one to be harassing. Leave Cheney alone to quietly have his 53rd heart attack and take his place in Hell along with Kennedy.

I think I know what Cindy Sheehan’s problem is. I am no psychologist, but I am positive she needs lots and lots of therapy and not the kind that comes from yelling and screaming at false targets. My suspicion is that her followers stay with her solely out of sympathy and not solid beliefs in bringing on any real change.

Cindy has to learn what a lot of Bush haters have to learn. It’s over. They are gone. The guy you elected is now the one to blame and the one to go to when you are pissed. Who you should be pissed off at is yourselves for believing the drivel Falderal was spouting not just about the wars but everything else as well.

How’s that CHANGE working for you Cindy Sheehan?


  1. Jason-

    Military action is foreign policy writ large. America's foreign policy is imperialistic. Military personnel who obey orders to deploy outside the borders of the USA are violating the Constitution. Fighting outside the USA is not defensive.

    If Sheehan's bunch are waving signs outside Cheney's house, they must be bored. But they are entirely correct in demonstrating against the CIA, who are running most of the ops outside the USA. Cheney may have "no say in the matter," but the CIA is running things.

    Military deployment is complicated, and retreat is not. Retreat means you leave suddenly. There is no plan for US troops to leave the Middle East voluntarily any time soon. There never was. One does not build a billion dollar embassy only to abandon it only months later. What we all should learn from Falderol's change of mind on Iraq is that he's not in charge. "Thank heavens for the Generals?" Jesus Christ, Jason...

  2. Point taken Russell.

    For anyone reading, if you click on Russell's name above you will be taken to his Blog; Dump DC, one of the most intelligent blogs on the web.



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