Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Arizona! Wake Up On Immigration

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." – Emma Lazarus

Yeah, that’s right. That’s the essence of these United States. This is the ideal we stand for and on which this country was founded.

But, lo have we veered from that ideal in the last hundred or so years, to the point where it takes the huevos of one Governor to implement a law that not only embraces racial profiling, but gives local law enforcement powers they should never have.

However, what Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has done by signing the State’s controversial new immigration law is send a very clear message to everyone, including our dysfunctional President and Congress, that the issue has gone too far and we need real change. This response may be extreme, but it is needed in order to extend the immigration debate to the point where real action is taken.

Washington Democrats and Republicans have been pussy footing around immigration for years. Neither party wants to sufficiently piss off their diverse voter bases to the point where they jump ship to the other party. What has happened is that Brewer captaining her State through a devastating hit to their economy, did what the Federal Government refused to do: act.

It’s hard unless you live in the Southwest to get a real feel for how badly things have gone. Here in San Diego, everyday I look at the local news and see how truly problematic illegal immigration is. California is toast financially and a good deal of the reason is the taxes spent on dealing with illegal aliens. Arizona faces the same problems.

I give Governor Brewer credit. It took some guts to follow through with this law especially given she is in a really ugly primary battle and could jeopardize her political career with this move. That is a good public servant right there. This country needs more people like her serving in the Government.

The real problem is; it’s a crappy law all around and it is going to cause all sorts of major problems administrating. I’m not sure it will save any taxpayer money when it is all said and done.

The more important thing the law has done is get people talking again, and talking for real, not just expressing vapid opinions and fostering the kind of hatemongering that goes along with the immigration issue. It has people acting constructively.

The problems go deep with immigration. It’s the flaws in a lot of our systems that causes these huge chasms between how we should act and how we do act towards immigration.

It’s a matter of attitudes that will dictate how we eventually fix our immigration system. We as a country have to first go back to our roots and realize; we want immigrants. The United States needs legal immigrants. These are folks just like our ancestors looking to find a better way, and we hold the key.  It is hard to even conceive what the idea of freedom means to these people because we live it everyday and unfortunately take it for granted. The majority of people coming into this country aren’t looking for a free ride and we have a duty to help them achieve the very best they can. This country needs productive people so we can continue to evolve.

What is needed are stronger and stricter front-end processing rules and laws. This country needs to spend the resources at the beginning of the process and not the end, through after the fact enforcement. Too much time and money is spent trying to keep people out, and throwing people out, that the idea of prevention has been lost. If we have comprehensive screening processes that help immigrants and don’t scare them, then we would see the problem disappear over time.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean tough rules on the front end. But, they should be compassionate as well. We need to keep National Security in mind whilst considering who is allowed in and who we reject, but not to the point where good people are scared into scheming their way past our borders and living like outlaws in and amongst us; that’s not what this country is about, we are a welcoming country.

Liberals love to call Conservatives hate mongers when we get tough on immigration laws. They view us as racist. My opinion is that is because it is the easiest way out for Liberals to just brand us in such a manner and not look any deeper than that.

True Conservatives look at illegal immigration for what it is: a drain on our system and resources. It is one thing when our tax dollars go to aid legal citizens of this country; it is quite another when we are basically funding criminals to live amongst us. That does not mean we are not welcoming to legal immigrants. It’s folly to think we want to keep people out entirely. Yes, there are some that do and unfortunately we have to suffer them.

I said before, we need immigrants. I didn’t just state it as some kind of feel good rhetoric directed at underscoring the opening quote; I said it because we need them on a global level in order for our country to progress. The largest area we need immigrants for is the workforce, especially since this moron of a President keeps pushing his quasi-Socialist agenda.

As the United States advances, our workforce matures. The access to better education means Americans are unwilling to task at some of the more menial jobs needed to build as a capitalistic society. Tasks immigrants are happy to work at and are skilled at as well. I know some people will read this as some sort of elitist justification, but it’s not. It’s the truth. For some reason, a good portion of the working people in the United States feel some jobs are just way too beneath them to dignify. Well, someone needs to do them!

The issues are huge and cumbersome, but what Arizona has done is get people thinking again. It takes that kind of measure to spark a real movement. It is just too bad it is not the right measure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wrestling Government: Simmons vs. McMahon

I am a great lover of money.

Money is fabulous. Good cold hard cash gives the ability not only to survive, but also to thrive. In a way this country’s raison d’etre is currency and there is really nothing wrong with that. I am actually very lenient when it comes to the means with which money is accumulated with the exception of stealing. However, when it comes to an individuals’ ambition to be a public servant, I believe money should never be a factor, especially when it comes to campaigns.

Left up to me all facets of Government would follow the edict of a 10th Century Monastic Priory; with the legislature as the priory monks, the President as the Bishop and the People as Pope. All levels of Government would operate from bare bones offices with little or no comforts and the sole purpose of serving the people. They would eat horse-bread softened with weak ale, and spend every waking moment of their term working. Their campaigns would be financed evenly through a very sparse fund made up of taxes. The system would be heavily enforced by the public and the second any legislator, or the President, were observed partaking in anything other than what is rationed, they would unceremoniously be dismissed back into private life.

This way anyone fool enough to run for office would do so with only the best of intentions; that is to serve and not be self-serving. We could avoid those egomaniacal people who feel they should somehow be able to buy their way into government, so they can feel loved, or because it is just the “next thing to do” on their life agenda. We could also avoid the sons and daughters of millionaires who devoid of any need to do anything, decide to run for public office because “they want to make a difference”. Yes, only those with a religious like zeal to serve would run for office.

Ok, my fantasies aside, this is what I really want to talk about. A few months ago I wrote a post about the Senate Race in Connecticut, and the feud between Republican candidates Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon. See it here:

Linda McMahon is the perfect example of pure narcissistic foulness to be found in recent political history (with the exception of Lord Falderal, he’s the gold standard), while Rob Simmons is the perfect example of the aforementioned public servant.

McMahon is rich, seriously rich, and she doesn’t even try to hide the fact she is using her dough to try and buy her way into the Senate. Which is not incongruous to her character. This is a person who has made her fortune through morally reprehensible means. McMahon and her husband Vince are the owners of the WWE. That alone should give some perspective to the situation.

In other words, she has become rich by advocating violence, sexual depravity, drug use, and myriad other deplorable business undertakings the likes of which could make Larry Flynt blush.

Now McMahon is using that dough to change her persona into that of the ultimate Polly Anna, eschewing values, female empowerment, and appearing to be as boring as Barbara Boxer, or Nancy Pelosi. The question is will all that money be able to erase McMahon’s involvement in such antics as; kicking her husband in the nads in a wrestling ring after he cheated on her with a female wrestler (all scripted), allowing and in fact, supporting scenes in the ring simulating necrophilia, or one of my favs, defending wrestlers employed by the WWE who took part in such austere film renderings as: Girls Chloroform Girls, Tied, Gagged & Frightened, and who could forget, Dirty Soled Dolls.

She has also used her position to obstruct justice (she was never formerly charged of this, it is my opinion) by alerting a Doctor who prescribed steroids to her wrestlers of an impending Federal Investigation against him. This allegedly allowed said doctor to break company with certain pieces of evidence, which would have shed a poor light on McMahon, her husband and their company. The doctor was sentenced to time in a Federal prison and although McMahon’s husband was also brought up on charges he was not convicted. Here is a fun read:

As part of her Polly Anna disguise, McMahon has claimed she is a DC outsider and is wildly against special interest groups. This despite the fact the WWE spent a cool million + bucks lobbying both houses as well as various Federal Agencies. Well, I guess in relative terms she is an outsider, a mil won’t buy you much at the Federal level these days. But, it does prove she is a huge liar; as does a vetting form she filled out for Governor M. Jodi Rell when she was being considered as an appointee to the Connecticut State Board of Education in 2009. Out of 29 questions, she answered five to the negative, when proving out found she may have had a lapse in memory. You can check it out here:

To be fair, I did say in the beginning of this post I have no problem with a little leniency towards how the money is made. After all if there is a demand, I say go ahead and supply. Truth to be told, I would enjoy McMahon’s company say, at a bar, or cocktail party, or maybe an illegal cock fight, but not ever and I mean ever, would I want to see such a person in Government.

In Connecticut, everywhere you look Linda McMahon has an ad. She is trying to win the campaign based on market saturation. That’s dangerous. She realizes the only way she can possibly win is by a complete image overhaul and money tends to be pretty effective in achieving that end. Of course, it is an image overhaul, not a character overhaul. Nothing can change her character. She will always be someone who stood behind violence, drug abuse, and morally reprehensible behavior.

What voters need to do is take the initiative and look at the character of the person running and not the purse they are operating from. A guy like Rob Simmons isn’t in it for the money, the need to be admired, or some other sinister desire. He’s a guy who has done nothing but serve the public his entire career. Through his Military service, time spent in the CIA and Congress, plus his other achievements; Simmons has proven the people are what motivate his actions. THAT is a public servant. I am not sure what the hell Linda McMahon is.

I must admit she has given me a newfound respect for Jesse Ventura!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Police Chief, Bad Mayor

Nestled between New Haven, CT to its West, and Branford, CT to the East is a town called East Haven. It’s a unique kind of place. It’s not a destination point you will see in any travel magazine, nor is it particularly famous for anything outside of the immediate area.

The town has characteristics reminiscent of both its book end neighbors. New Haven has graced the place with its urban influences on the West side and Branford; a beautiful coastal suburb with lots of money, history, and tourist attractions give East Haven an interesting confluence of culture and population towards it’s West. It even has a beach area; think Jersey Shore only a little poorer.

What East Haven lacks in sights, culture, and history it makes up for in the proud people who live there. The town has become a caricature of Italian American stereotypes due to its once largely Italian American population, a demographic that has been changing over the last 20 or so years. Unlike most of the towns around it, East Haven has been slow to gentrify and proudly so.

The citizens seem to almost relish in the guido and mob jokes set upon them by morning DJ’s even to the point where there is a traditional song parody called Christmas time in East Haven played during the Holidays. Check it out, it’s funny as hell and gives you a great perspective on the place.

I said it has been slow to gentrify, but for a while it had been attracting a wealthier crowd during the late 1990’s on up until a couple years ago. People interested in locating deeper into New England either from New York or what is known as the “gold coast” of Connecticut saw East Haven as a more economically feasible place to land than the wealthier towns to the East.

This was thanks to a Mayor who was the perfect embodiment of the essence of the Town itself. Joe Maturo was a former firefighting, master electrician, working class guy who served the town for six terms. He was wildly popular and worked tirelessly to get his town as much attention as he could. It was easy for him because he had no problem getting the attention of people with his easy charm and ability to do exactly what his constituents wanted him to.

When Joe was elected, he put together a crack team of Town officials committed to the same goal he had; making East Haven a place people wanted to come to while maintaining it’s proud heritage. He was a force.

Enter Lenny Gallo, veteran police officer retired from the New Haven Police Department. Lenny became Joe’s Police Chief. Lenny is old school for sure and in East Haven, CT that is the only kind of cop to have.

Joe and Lenny became almost legendary. They worked their asses off and they played their asses off too. They were as popular out on the town as they were in the town. Even when they socialized they were talking about initiatives and how great the town was and what they were going to do next and so on and so on. They lived and breathed East Haven. The dedication was like none I have ever seen.

The amazing thing was; beyond the cursory need to belong to a party, Joe really didn’t play politics much. Of course, he played it a little; everyone in Government has to, but not to the point of any real scandal. Like any successful politician Joe had friends on both sides of the aisle.

Why am I talking about some guido town in Connecticut from my comfy home in San Diego? I’ll tell you why.

21 votes booted Joe out of the Mayor’s office in 2007. 21 votes. Hardly a mandate, although you would think it was by the way the winner of those 21 votes acted.  The victor, a nobody, known as April Capone Almon is a truly despicable human being who upon winning the Mayor’s office by such a slim margin declared Joe to have been a demon sent from Hell, and the people who worked for him his minions.  She made no secret that she would disband the “old boy’s club” that Joe had allegedly formed including Lenny Gallo. Of course she would be an expert on such things given her experience as a part time disc jockey and salesperson at Verizon, the extent of her life experience. Sounds like a President I know!

Fast-forward a year into her term.

One fine day at the beach aforementioned, one of Lenny’s officers was ticketing cars to be towed away that were parked illegally. It is important to note this officer is a Republican; the Mayor is a Democrat. The Mayor happened to be in the area (hopefully not in a swimsuit) and took issue with the officer having the cars towed. She got on the phone with the police dispatcher and asked to speak with Lenny. Lenny wasn’t available so she basically lost it using language any sailor would be proud of, (or me for that matter) and demanded that the cop call off the tow trucks stating she was the Mayor and her power superseded the Chief’s. Can you say “power trip”?

Well, the Mayor got arrested for that little incident and the true war began. She alleged the Chief arrested her based on purely political motivation since the officer was a Republican and this happened to take place during an election year. I honestly don’t know what party affiliation Lenny is. The police and prosecutor who issued the warrant maintained the Mayor was arrested because she broke the law by interfering with an officer. To the right is her mug shot. Purdy isn’t she?

Here is the dispatch audio tape. Great Stuff!

The charges were eventually dropped but you can imagine the outcry on both sides and she did win her re-election. What a fiasco. The woman is so clearly into aggrandizing herself it is unbelievable. Her speeches and media manner are so transparent it is painful to watch. Seeing her makes you want to shower, but then listening to her, or reading her quotes makes you want to pull your skin off altogether. 

Hell-bent on revenge, Capone Almon took advantage of an incident that happened on the Chief’s watch where his officers were accused of racial profiling. The Department of Justice was brought in due to a complaint lodged by the folks alleging the profiling. Capone Almon was more than happy to oblige an investigation into Lenny’s department.

Any small town police department investigated by the DOJ is going to suffer some scalding critiques. There is just not enough money in the budget of any town in this country to have a perfectly systematic police department. Ok, maybe that is a generalization. In some towns where there are new agey renaissance chiefs, more effort may be put into sensitivity training, but East Haven ain’t one of them.

East Haven’s police department is run just fine and the town is not subject to anymore or less crime than a town of equal size and demographics. In other words, Lenny does the kind of job you would expect from a 40-year police veteran and he is perfect for East Haven. The Mayor however, is not.

Consider this; the DOJ sends the Mayor a preliminary report stating very predictable deficiencies in the department. In fact, it could have been a form letter sent to just about any department in the United States. Read it here: 

Upon reading the preliminary report, this dirt bag Mayor puts Lenny on paid administrative leave, the first disciplinary action in his career. Police Chiefs are protected by State Statute and cannot be fired or suspended without cause. There was no causality stated in this report; there is no cause to discipline Lenny. However, the Mayor and her equally stupid Town Attorney decided this was the best course of action. Any guesses as to how much this is going to cost East Haven taxpayers to litigate?

On the very same day, there is a story in the paper about the Mayor donating one of her kidneys to someone she doesn’t even really know from Facebook. Aw, isn’t that sweet? Want to know when she started chatting with this dude? Right after the incident at the beach. Interesting. That is probably one of the most twisted publicity stunts I have ever heard of. It seems farfetched, but not for this person.

The bottom line is; it is a sad state of affairs when a person is so insecure she has to run for office to get acceptance and then recklessly drag down people who actually care about what they do. I wish Lenny all the luck in the world. And, to that thing that calls herself the Mayor; karma is coming to get you.

And, here is a little tip Mayor; if you want to be in the public spotlight so much, spend less time on Facebook and more time with a stylist.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Power: Obama's Burden

"It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them," - Obama, Nuclear Summit - April 14, 2010

I finally have my answer.

For over a year now I have been pondering Lord Falderal’s foreign policy strategy; just dying to know what could possibly be on his mind. All this bowing and other associated weak gesture nonsense that he does with world leaders of questionable repute is enough to baffle even the most liberal of minds.

It has been so terribly hard to quantify the cuddling of dictators like Chavez and the sweet nothings whispered into the ear of Sarkozy (ohlala), whilst giving our strong allies like Netanyahu of Israel the proverbial ass shaft, and not in a good way. Oh and of course there is my favorite; the gifting to the Queen of England an iPod. The Queen had already purchased one in 2005 at the suggestion of her grandson Andrew. Wait, wait, there’s another favorite of mine; the bequest of 25 DVD’s of American Classic Movies to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Classy. Of course, the DVD’s could not even be played on European DVD players, but hey, what the hell. Apparently, their isn't anyone on his staff who could have clued him into these little details. 

For all this time I thought it was just because Falderal was a little behind on protocol and hadn’t re-read any Sylvia Porter books lately. I mean after all, it’s not like he had a lot of experience in the International Political theatre. His tenure as part time Senator certainly didn’t lend to a ton of meetings with foreign Heads of State and his only actual job as a community organizer with ACORN couldn’t have put him in the company of many respectable sorts.

As it turns out, it wasn’t his lack of social graces and protocol at all. His end goal was to reduce the embarrassment of the United States from being a super power. Now it makes sense. Why else would he sleep with the enemy and push away our allies?

Falderal is not fond of the burden the United States has as a major world power. I am wondering if he had read the job description of President before he became a candidate; I am

Falderal has given me a great deal of material in which to express my disgust with his performance. However, this is a new low. I have increased my feelings of strong dislike for him to abject revulsion.

Falderal seems to care not that such statements hurt tens of millions of people not just in real time, but in history as well. All those men and women who died in combat, spent their lives in labs, sacrificed their lifestyles, and yes, represented us in Government for lo these past 234 years are made to look like they worked for nothing.

Security is everything and Falderal seems to not understand that. He is too busy pushing agendas that do nothing more than bankrupt this country not just economically, but respectably in the eyes of our foreign counterparts.

Should we want more conflicts? Of course not. But, we are a Super Power and we are a compassionate Super Power. Our forces are forces of good, not evil. We help the helpless while maintaining our own levels of security on American soil so we can continue to live the American Dream. The American Dream our own President is trying so hard to dissemble.

More powerful than our armaments are the words of our leaders. The old pen is mightier than the sword adage is so true. What are our enemies to think when the supposed Leader of the Free World makes such deplorable statements?

Let’s think about it. Think about any competitive situation where you have information about your competitor that you can use to your advantage. Are you going to do it? Of course. What if the leader of your team doesn’t believe in your team? Would you go to the other side to defeat him, or your team? Maybe, and maybe not. But, it’s those maybes we must worry about. Make no mistake, our enemies are taking note, and so are disenfranchised Americans.

We are at a time where the perfect example of why we need to be a Super Power should be blatantly obvious. Ironically, our strength is what keeps the peace. If the enemy thinks we are weak, there will be violence. And, we are walking that line right now thanks to our extremely inexperienced and extremely weak President.

I wish we could impeach based on patriotism, because were that the case, this jackass would be history so fast, Joe Biden’s comb over would spin.

Check this out. This just in from the Huckabee Show on Fox. Normally, I hate Hollywood types postulating on politics, but this is awesome.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fox in the Hen House

My whole thing with the economic collapse is disappointment more than suffering. I believe in you get what you deserve and quite frankly, we deserved this recession.

I thought when Bush got elected we as capitalists could finally find our stride. You know, be unencumbered by Government and really let lose. Well, we certainly did and what did we prove? We proved given the keys to the candy store our greedy little mitts would steal everything off the shelves and then the shelves as well.

We screwed up large, and now we are paying for it with a Socialist moron of a President surrounded by an advisory group that makes the crew of F-Troop look like the advisory council for Mensa. The biggest idiot in this group is of course Geithner. Can you believe Falderal sent him to deal with the Chinese? I bet the holders of our biggest debt were laughing their asses off at that one. However, that’s a post of a different color.

The answer to Wall Street’s blatant disregard for doing the right thing should have been heavy regulation and a thinning of the herd from bankruptcies (of the banks) and mergers. No, our eminently stupid Government beginning under Bush and getting even more fucked up under Falderal decided TARP was a better answer.

On their face, TARP and all the various corollaries to it was the absolute most ridiculous government program to come along until Healthcare Reform.  We the taxpayers bailed out the guys who made us go broke. We rewarded the scumbag bankers for taking advantage of American taxpayers. And, it was Geithner who orchestrated the entire process and continues to do so.

As President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, it was he who designed and implemented the Bailout of 2008. It is he who has dominion over the $700 billion being used to further bail out the big banks.

Why is he so into helping out the banks instead of punishing them?

Simple. The Falderal administration has been heavily supported by the banking community since Falderal announced his Presidential candidacy for the very simple reason that they knew his pack of morons could be manipulated into bailing them out instead of forcing costly regulation and possibly the collapse of the banking industry as it was known.

They knew they could sell voters on Falderal by seeming as if they were against heavy regulation unlike Democrats of the past. They branded themselves as a new kind of Democratic Party. A party that would be a friend to business, not a hindrance. Well, they are certainly friends to this particular business sector!

Falderal et al raised over a million bucks from Goldman Sachs and their employees in 2008, not to mention the other support they were able to whip up through customers and business associates. That’s more than any candidate had raised from one business entity since the McCain Feingold legislation went into effect. They owed banking and they owed it big.

One might reasonably assume TARP and the associated bailouts would have been enough to satisfy their banking buddies and special interest groups that went along with them. But, no. Falderal, Geithner and the Goldman alumni of; Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, and Mark Patterson who are now all a part of the administration, have decided to further protect their banking pals from future financial foibles.

Geithner through master thief Chris Dodd has orchestrated a 50 billion dollar emergency funding bill known as the Dodd Bill, to further help out the banks in times of crisis. They are calling it an Emergency Fund. Guess who is in charge of deciding when a bank is in trouble and what to fund them? That’s right, Geithner. Pretty convenient, huh?

So this all begs two questions, first: where is the incentive for banks to clean up their practices, and second, whose side is Falderal on anyway? The former is easy to answer; clearly Falderal could care less about the American taxpayer. The first is almost as easy; there is no incentive for banks to clean up, fly straight and provide a long-term solution to our economic crisis. They can keep playing fast and loose with their policies; taking advantage of their now desperate customers once again while furthering our demise in favor of their own profits, and the Government is facilitating it all for them. Nice, real nice Falderal.

Although it is Geithner masterminding these certain to fail policies, the buck stops with Falderal, which he is apparently very fond of saying. Let’s look at one of Falderal’s brilliant economic programs; short sells.

Falderal has been fond of offering short sell opportunities for people in over their heads with mortgages. Short sells are a fast track to foreclosures and are good for nobody. They do not help at all in solving the problem. Some would argue Short Sells are good because real estate investors can buy cheap properties and offer them for rent. Yeah, that’s great for investors and I am never against that, but the big picture here is what we need to be concerned with. It’s also great for banks and real estate types because it allows for all sorts of ancillary fees. Hmm, more property owned by fewer people; much of it by the government through the banks. What does that sound like? Oops, did I actually write that out loud?

The idea should be to keep people in their houses. What Falderal is saying is: “let’s further skull fuck the American Dream by booting people out of their homes; the homes whose mortgages were sold to them by predatory lenders, the people we like to protect, and cure the short term financial woes of the homeowner”. That is extremely faulty and dangerous policy.

What a smart president would do is force the banks to reduce the principle down to a manageable number so people can stay in their homes. The short term hit to banks, which really isn’t a hit at all, is softened by the fact that they have taken a non-performing asset and turned it into a performing one.

The bigger success in such a program would be the psychological aspect. When people feel like they are working towards something, they are more enthusiastic about everything in their life. This makes for good workers, which makes for a good economy. Offering short sell opportunities is not only an economic fool’s errand, it is also demoralizing.

Yeah, this is what happens when you elect a former community organizer for the largest thieving government funded shyster organization in America, whose only experience in Government is as a part time Senator. It’s pretty simple math when you get down to it.

2012 can’t come fast enough!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Politician vs. Public Servant

The biggest problem in government today is career politicians. I know, that statement is so obvious it borders on the ridiculous, but sometimes we need to hear it in very simple terms to realize how screwed up something is. Being masters of the obvious is not something we Americans do well. We overanalyze and think far too much and way too often lose sight of what the core problems are.

If you have been reading this blog then you know I have a serious distaste for Government. Again, maybe too obviously, my disdain stems from the idiots running Government. These morons have no idea what the term “public servant” means. They believe that just by virtue of the fact they have somehow received the label “politician” that they are automatically qualified to run for any office their pea brains take a fancy to.

There is a perfect example of this happening right now in Connecticut.

Susan Bysiewicz is this repulsive creature that has darkened the office of Secretary of State for three excruciatingly long terms after having been a State Representative. Susan is a serial candidate in that in every election she seems to want to become something else. In the last two Gubernatorial Elections, the Creature announced her candidacy and then withdrew. Both times.

Her latest quest is for Attorney General, as the current Attorney General is running for Senate. This is of course after she originally announced running for Governor and once again backed out.

The Creature is a lawyer by trade but spent little time practicing law and absolutely no time in the courtroom. In Connecticut, as would be prudent, the rules are that an Attorney General must have at least 10 years of private law experience under their belts, or horrendous tweed skirt in this case.  

Susie as is her custom, believes she is above the rules and is trying to claim her time spent as Secretary of the State should be considered an appropriate substitute for private practice experience. Dick Blumenthal our current Attorney General would not rule on that question (because he is a little pussy when it comes to people in his own party) and referred the case to the Connecticut Superior Court (great use of our resources) and the Creature has stated that should she lose, she will sue again claiming the rules to be unconstitutional. Really? I mean, really Susie?

She also used a software program purchased by the State of Connecticut and used to gather information on voters for official business, as her own personal database for campaign fishing. Nice, huh?

This is a fun read:

This repulsive, beady-eyed little weasel will do anything to advance her career. For some reason, which I cannot even on my most objective days figure out, this idiot has fans! I don’t know if maybe she just has a large extended family, or if by some weird cosmic twist, the Secretary of State actually has some power to offer special interest groups in exchange for support. She is certainly not popular because she has achieved anything besides a reputation for wanting to run for anything that happens to come along on any given day.

The Creature is a perfect example of the difference between the mindset of a politician vs. the mindset of a public servant. She couldn’t care less about being qualified to be the Attorney General and is willing to question the constitution and cause a major ruckus just to get on the ballot. A ruckus that will cost taxpayers hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A politician is in it for himself or herself, they don’t really care about the people or the greater good. They have some kind of psychological defect that makes them crave attention, or the need to line their pockets because they can’t make it in real life.

A public servant is someone who wants to help. From my own experience I got involved in politics to govern, not to be a politician. In fact, I got out because of the lack of Governing that actually goes on. I felt I had been lucky in life and wanted to pass on what little knowledge I had to help the greater good. In retrospect, apparently those were the wrong reasons!

To separate the politicians from the honest to goodness public servants, you must listen to their language.

Recently, that weirdo Elliott Spitzer has been popping up all over the media saying he wouldn’t mind getting back into “politics”. He didn’t say “Government”, he said “politics” and while waxing philosophical about his situation with an interviewer he made the statement: “I love politics” and that he “is in agony over not being where he would like to be”.

The Whoremaster goes on to say that although he isn’t actively running for anything that the Comptroller of New York is an underutilized government office and he may like to use it to “force corporate reform in ways the legal system and regulation cannot”. He would do it by using the billions the government holds in public pension funds to power his way into a voice of force against business. Yay, that’s just what we need.

The point here again; he hasn’t mentioned anything about wanting to help the people of New York, all he wants is a chance to wield power again. He needs that fix. It’s politics not government.

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Lord Falderal through Obamacare has given us the biggest example of politician vs. public servant. The public didn’t want Healthcare Reform but he jammed it down our throat anyway. The public wants job creation. He has yet to work on that and instead has just wandered on his merry way forcing his own personal agenda items. And, out of the three people mentioned here in this post, he has the LEAST amount of experience for the job he has been elected to do!

Until we start electing people who understand what it is to be a public servant and realize politics is just the vehicle to get there, this country is going to continue down the slippery slope to ruin.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Drill This Falderal!

As if there weren’t already enough reasons for me to bitch about Lord Falderal.

Believe it or not, there was one thing I was excited about when Falderal was elected. Well, actually two things, I have already gone on ad nauseum about our country being evolved enough to elect an African American, but I was also pretty psyched about the possibility of a “green industrialization”.

Falderal went on and on and on about creating 5 million jobs for the green movement by 2010, and how he was going to fund the creation of green business infrastructure for wind, solar, and other cool alternative energy resources. He regaled his supporters with visions of a green government fleet and lots of bucks for battery development for electric cars and grants for businesses that start switching over to green practices and all kinds of great stuff. None of this has even begun to happen. Once again big fail.

In fact, the ever ebullient and bald-faced liar couldn’t even just fail at not going green; he had to throw it the face of environmentalists and green businesspeople everywhere by opening up drilling off the shores of the United States, a practice that has been banned for over 20 years, mainly for the environmental impact it would have.

It has been said that Lord Falderal did this in some sort of twisted effort to help gain a bit of Republican support. He is being hailed by Obama zombies as making this decision in order to create jobs, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and as aforementioned gain some cachet with the R’s. Bullshit.

What Falderal is doing is paying back his oil friendly Democrat friends for voting on the abomination known as healthcare, and that is all he is doing. He has made the decision to wave the middle finger at all green thinking people, his supporters and people like me who know the paradigm shift in economies is going green. That overblown ego of his has gotten in the way of being productive and he is struggling between his inexperience and his megalomaniacal desire to show he is in charge by all means necessary. Falderal doesn’t give a Pelosi’s ass about his green supporters.

Will he gain cachet with Republicans over this stunt? A little bit. But, the thing that most people don’t seem to realize is the green issue isn’t an R or D thing; it’s an everyone thing. It transcends politics. Republicans care about the earth as much as anyone else. To say otherwise is just as stupid as a statement like: Republicans are all rich, or Republicans are all racist.

The best environmentalist President we had was Teddy Roosevelt, a devout Republican.

Going green is something everyone can get behind. We know it will help the environment, we know it is morally the right thing to do, and guess what? We can make a ton of money doing it!! Green could be the solution to our economic woes and this jackass and his cadre of third grade advisors are completely missing the boat!

The one thing I find completely ironic is the Democrats who are supporting Falderal on this (and I mean voters not Congress), presumably Bush haters, are going to make Bush exponentially richer by opening up drilling sites.

There is an argument that what Falderal is doing is pragmatic. That we need to have a mixture of green alternatives and petroleum based energy in order to survive. Maybe, so. But as much as we complain about being OPEC’s bitch and relying on foreign oil, wouldn’t it be better to try and gain some ground in the green arena? I mean; as a country we are already close to last in line when it comes to everything green.

The pragmatic argument is subterfuge intended to draw away from the idea that Falderal is keeping his promises to Democratic lawmakers who risk being tossed by their special interest oil buddies.  That’s all it is and it is truly pathetic. If a George Bush 1 and 2, or a Ronald Reagan, or Gerald Ford, or Richard Nixon, etc., pulled this kind of maneuver, I am pretty sure the country, as a whole could understand it. But, a liberal Democrat who campaigned so ardently for green change supposedly looking to gain the favor of Republicans? A little extreme wouldn’t you say?

Whatever it is, it stinks. It is a further black mark on our President and also on our country. It doesn’t show any forward motion, all it does is provide evidence of more of the same when it comes to being environmentally responsible.

By the way, that moron Al Gore is full of more shit than he is of himself, but regardless we should be responsible and as easy on the Earth as we can be.

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