Friday, April 2, 2010

Drill This Falderal!

As if there weren’t already enough reasons for me to bitch about Lord Falderal.

Believe it or not, there was one thing I was excited about when Falderal was elected. Well, actually two things, I have already gone on ad nauseum about our country being evolved enough to elect an African American, but I was also pretty psyched about the possibility of a “green industrialization”.

Falderal went on and on and on about creating 5 million jobs for the green movement by 2010, and how he was going to fund the creation of green business infrastructure for wind, solar, and other cool alternative energy resources. He regaled his supporters with visions of a green government fleet and lots of bucks for battery development for electric cars and grants for businesses that start switching over to green practices and all kinds of great stuff. None of this has even begun to happen. Once again big fail.

In fact, the ever ebullient and bald-faced liar couldn’t even just fail at not going green; he had to throw it the face of environmentalists and green businesspeople everywhere by opening up drilling off the shores of the United States, a practice that has been banned for over 20 years, mainly for the environmental impact it would have.

It has been said that Lord Falderal did this in some sort of twisted effort to help gain a bit of Republican support. He is being hailed by Obama zombies as making this decision in order to create jobs, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and as aforementioned gain some cachet with the R’s. Bullshit.

What Falderal is doing is paying back his oil friendly Democrat friends for voting on the abomination known as healthcare, and that is all he is doing. He has made the decision to wave the middle finger at all green thinking people, his supporters and people like me who know the paradigm shift in economies is going green. That overblown ego of his has gotten in the way of being productive and he is struggling between his inexperience and his megalomaniacal desire to show he is in charge by all means necessary. Falderal doesn’t give a Pelosi’s ass about his green supporters.

Will he gain cachet with Republicans over this stunt? A little bit. But, the thing that most people don’t seem to realize is the green issue isn’t an R or D thing; it’s an everyone thing. It transcends politics. Republicans care about the earth as much as anyone else. To say otherwise is just as stupid as a statement like: Republicans are all rich, or Republicans are all racist.

The best environmentalist President we had was Teddy Roosevelt, a devout Republican.

Going green is something everyone can get behind. We know it will help the environment, we know it is morally the right thing to do, and guess what? We can make a ton of money doing it!! Green could be the solution to our economic woes and this jackass and his cadre of third grade advisors are completely missing the boat!

The one thing I find completely ironic is the Democrats who are supporting Falderal on this (and I mean voters not Congress), presumably Bush haters, are going to make Bush exponentially richer by opening up drilling sites.

There is an argument that what Falderal is doing is pragmatic. That we need to have a mixture of green alternatives and petroleum based energy in order to survive. Maybe, so. But as much as we complain about being OPEC’s bitch and relying on foreign oil, wouldn’t it be better to try and gain some ground in the green arena? I mean; as a country we are already close to last in line when it comes to everything green.

The pragmatic argument is subterfuge intended to draw away from the idea that Falderal is keeping his promises to Democratic lawmakers who risk being tossed by their special interest oil buddies.  That’s all it is and it is truly pathetic. If a George Bush 1 and 2, or a Ronald Reagan, or Gerald Ford, or Richard Nixon, etc., pulled this kind of maneuver, I am pretty sure the country, as a whole could understand it. But, a liberal Democrat who campaigned so ardently for green change supposedly looking to gain the favor of Republicans? A little extreme wouldn’t you say?

Whatever it is, it stinks. It is a further black mark on our President and also on our country. It doesn’t show any forward motion, all it does is provide evidence of more of the same when it comes to being environmentally responsible.

By the way, that moron Al Gore is full of more shit than he is of himself, but regardless we should be responsible and as easy on the Earth as we can be.

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  1. First, to say Obama has done nothing is utterly false.

    Second: I do agree with you about drilling. It is a huge mistake and he is just trying to win Republican support. Did he learn nothing from health care? Hell, the GOP is already saying they will filibuster his next Supreme Court nomination.