Thursday, April 8, 2010

Politician vs. Public Servant

The biggest problem in government today is career politicians. I know, that statement is so obvious it borders on the ridiculous, but sometimes we need to hear it in very simple terms to realize how screwed up something is. Being masters of the obvious is not something we Americans do well. We overanalyze and think far too much and way too often lose sight of what the core problems are.

If you have been reading this blog then you know I have a serious distaste for Government. Again, maybe too obviously, my disdain stems from the idiots running Government. These morons have no idea what the term “public servant” means. They believe that just by virtue of the fact they have somehow received the label “politician” that they are automatically qualified to run for any office their pea brains take a fancy to.

There is a perfect example of this happening right now in Connecticut.

Susan Bysiewicz is this repulsive creature that has darkened the office of Secretary of State for three excruciatingly long terms after having been a State Representative. Susan is a serial candidate in that in every election she seems to want to become something else. In the last two Gubernatorial Elections, the Creature announced her candidacy and then withdrew. Both times.

Her latest quest is for Attorney General, as the current Attorney General is running for Senate. This is of course after she originally announced running for Governor and once again backed out.

The Creature is a lawyer by trade but spent little time practicing law and absolutely no time in the courtroom. In Connecticut, as would be prudent, the rules are that an Attorney General must have at least 10 years of private law experience under their belts, or horrendous tweed skirt in this case.  

Susie as is her custom, believes she is above the rules and is trying to claim her time spent as Secretary of the State should be considered an appropriate substitute for private practice experience. Dick Blumenthal our current Attorney General would not rule on that question (because he is a little pussy when it comes to people in his own party) and referred the case to the Connecticut Superior Court (great use of our resources) and the Creature has stated that should she lose, she will sue again claiming the rules to be unconstitutional. Really? I mean, really Susie?

She also used a software program purchased by the State of Connecticut and used to gather information on voters for official business, as her own personal database for campaign fishing. Nice, huh?

This is a fun read:

This repulsive, beady-eyed little weasel will do anything to advance her career. For some reason, which I cannot even on my most objective days figure out, this idiot has fans! I don’t know if maybe she just has a large extended family, or if by some weird cosmic twist, the Secretary of State actually has some power to offer special interest groups in exchange for support. She is certainly not popular because she has achieved anything besides a reputation for wanting to run for anything that happens to come along on any given day.

The Creature is a perfect example of the difference between the mindset of a politician vs. the mindset of a public servant. She couldn’t care less about being qualified to be the Attorney General and is willing to question the constitution and cause a major ruckus just to get on the ballot. A ruckus that will cost taxpayers hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A politician is in it for himself or herself, they don’t really care about the people or the greater good. They have some kind of psychological defect that makes them crave attention, or the need to line their pockets because they can’t make it in real life.

A public servant is someone who wants to help. From my own experience I got involved in politics to govern, not to be a politician. In fact, I got out because of the lack of Governing that actually goes on. I felt I had been lucky in life and wanted to pass on what little knowledge I had to help the greater good. In retrospect, apparently those were the wrong reasons!

To separate the politicians from the honest to goodness public servants, you must listen to their language.

Recently, that weirdo Elliott Spitzer has been popping up all over the media saying he wouldn’t mind getting back into “politics”. He didn’t say “Government”, he said “politics” and while waxing philosophical about his situation with an interviewer he made the statement: “I love politics” and that he “is in agony over not being where he would like to be”.

The Whoremaster goes on to say that although he isn’t actively running for anything that the Comptroller of New York is an underutilized government office and he may like to use it to “force corporate reform in ways the legal system and regulation cannot”. He would do it by using the billions the government holds in public pension funds to power his way into a voice of force against business. Yay, that’s just what we need.

The point here again; he hasn’t mentioned anything about wanting to help the people of New York, all he wants is a chance to wield power again. He needs that fix. It’s politics not government.

Read about it here:

Lord Falderal through Obamacare has given us the biggest example of politician vs. public servant. The public didn’t want Healthcare Reform but he jammed it down our throat anyway. The public wants job creation. He has yet to work on that and instead has just wandered on his merry way forcing his own personal agenda items. And, out of the three people mentioned here in this post, he has the LEAST amount of experience for the job he has been elected to do!

Until we start electing people who understand what it is to be a public servant and realize politics is just the vehicle to get there, this country is going to continue down the slippery slope to ruin.


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  2. WHAT THE WHAT? Connecticut State statute that requires the Attorney General to have spent ten years in "active practice" of law.Let's do the math ...10=10 .. Let's do the law AG=10. Susan 6<10 what is the problem here? I've been carrying garbage to the curb for 20 or so years-it doesn't qualify me to replace Administrator Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But I really took that garbage out good!! Rules are in place for a reason. Qualifications are in place for a reason. Sorry Susan- you are obviously not a very good attorney-because you cannot even follow the rule of law ! Why waste the States $$ continuing your temper tantrum?? Wait 4 more years and come back and see if the spot is till open like every other citizen. Otherwise I'm applying for head of the EPA!

  3. Anonymous, I think if she wins a ruling to run, then you should sue to be head of the EPA!

  4. Rebecca SantilloMay 18, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Hmmmm... that pictures of Bysiewicz looks familiar?? perhaps?

  5. Actually, no. It came from stock photos on Bing.