Thursday, April 15, 2010

Super Power: Obama's Burden

"It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them," - Obama, Nuclear Summit - April 14, 2010

I finally have my answer.

For over a year now I have been pondering Lord Falderal’s foreign policy strategy; just dying to know what could possibly be on his mind. All this bowing and other associated weak gesture nonsense that he does with world leaders of questionable repute is enough to baffle even the most liberal of minds.

It has been so terribly hard to quantify the cuddling of dictators like Chavez and the sweet nothings whispered into the ear of Sarkozy (ohlala), whilst giving our strong allies like Netanyahu of Israel the proverbial ass shaft, and not in a good way. Oh and of course there is my favorite; the gifting to the Queen of England an iPod. The Queen had already purchased one in 2005 at the suggestion of her grandson Andrew. Wait, wait, there’s another favorite of mine; the bequest of 25 DVD’s of American Classic Movies to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Classy. Of course, the DVD’s could not even be played on European DVD players, but hey, what the hell. Apparently, their isn't anyone on his staff who could have clued him into these little details. 

For all this time I thought it was just because Falderal was a little behind on protocol and hadn’t re-read any Sylvia Porter books lately. I mean after all, it’s not like he had a lot of experience in the International Political theatre. His tenure as part time Senator certainly didn’t lend to a ton of meetings with foreign Heads of State and his only actual job as a community organizer with ACORN couldn’t have put him in the company of many respectable sorts.

As it turns out, it wasn’t his lack of social graces and protocol at all. His end goal was to reduce the embarrassment of the United States from being a super power. Now it makes sense. Why else would he sleep with the enemy and push away our allies?

Falderal is not fond of the burden the United States has as a major world power. I am wondering if he had read the job description of President before he became a candidate; I am

Falderal has given me a great deal of material in which to express my disgust with his performance. However, this is a new low. I have increased my feelings of strong dislike for him to abject revulsion.

Falderal seems to care not that such statements hurt tens of millions of people not just in real time, but in history as well. All those men and women who died in combat, spent their lives in labs, sacrificed their lifestyles, and yes, represented us in Government for lo these past 234 years are made to look like they worked for nothing.

Security is everything and Falderal seems to not understand that. He is too busy pushing agendas that do nothing more than bankrupt this country not just economically, but respectably in the eyes of our foreign counterparts.

Should we want more conflicts? Of course not. But, we are a Super Power and we are a compassionate Super Power. Our forces are forces of good, not evil. We help the helpless while maintaining our own levels of security on American soil so we can continue to live the American Dream. The American Dream our own President is trying so hard to dissemble.

More powerful than our armaments are the words of our leaders. The old pen is mightier than the sword adage is so true. What are our enemies to think when the supposed Leader of the Free World makes such deplorable statements?

Let’s think about it. Think about any competitive situation where you have information about your competitor that you can use to your advantage. Are you going to do it? Of course. What if the leader of your team doesn’t believe in your team? Would you go to the other side to defeat him, or your team? Maybe, and maybe not. But, it’s those maybes we must worry about. Make no mistake, our enemies are taking note, and so are disenfranchised Americans.

We are at a time where the perfect example of why we need to be a Super Power should be blatantly obvious. Ironically, our strength is what keeps the peace. If the enemy thinks we are weak, there will be violence. And, we are walking that line right now thanks to our extremely inexperienced and extremely weak President.

I wish we could impeach based on patriotism, because were that the case, this jackass would be history so fast, Joe Biden’s comb over would spin.

Check this out. This just in from the Huckabee Show on Fox. Normally, I hate Hollywood types postulating on politics, but this is awesome.


  1. Appropos having Huckabee introducing an ACTOR as a way to call out Obama. What an intimidating double whammy those two are. One clown and one professioanl clown. I bet Obama is shaking in his boots.

  2. Kevin, before you start calling people clowns, you might want to learn how to spell, you clown.

    Btw, do you happen to remember how many ACTORS were called upon to "call out" as you put it, President Bush?