Saturday, July 10, 2010

Upside Down Flag? Appropriate for the Times?

Is the United States really in enough distress to fly the flag upside down?

Dr. Thomas Byrd an eye doctor from Downriver, MI chose to fly his flag upside down in front of his offices over the July 4th weekend. As you can imagine the act caused a bit of a furor. Most people interpreted upside down Old Glory as a sign of disrespect to veterans, our current serving military personnel, and anyone else who loves this country.

The thing is Dr. Byrd did not flip the flag to express some kind of anti-American sentiment, quite the contrary. Dr. Byrd himself is a veteran and is aware that in accordance with the United States Flag Code, the inversion of the flag is a signal of distress. The flag in the upside down position is supposed to indicate that American citizens are in extreme danger to life and property.  Dr. Byrd believes this is the case of the country at this time and wanted to draw some attention to his concerns. He believes that awareness is what we need in this time of peril.

I couldn’t agree more and although it may be extreme, I think we should have a movement to get everyone who believes the country is going the way of Rome to fly their flags upside down until we take a 90 degree turn to the positive. It would be like the yellow ribbons or any of a number of the symbolic movements we have had in this country when trying to show solidarity.

We need to show these pig-fucking Government shills that it is still the people running this game and that the people are pissed.

It is time for everyone who voted for all of these jackasses (not just the one in the White House) to come together and reach a common ground. Ok, I got carried away there, we’ll never reach a common ground, but anything is better than this.

We need to act like this Presidency is the equivalent to 9/11 in that we need to come together as a country then throw the bums out and start over. This country needs an enema and it is the people who should deliver it. November is not going to be enough. We need to keep the momentum going. Obama is toast in 2012; that is a forgone conclusion, so it is now time to decide what we want in a leader as a country and get to work.

This little trick with the flag is just a symbol, but a lot of movements start with a symbol. It’s something to bring people together, no different than a slogan, like, oh I don’t know, Hope and Change, maybe?

Everyone is hurting and everyday there is more and more dissent. It is no longer productive. The dissent is not productive and the Government is not productive and something has to break. The American people need to rely on themselves and get cracking with some real candidates who have the country’s best interests in mind. Unlikely candidates. People who never even considered running for public office now need to step up to the plate.

I have argued with my Mother, a devout Lord Falderal supporter, that she could do a better job than this President. She thinks I am nuts and just gets pissed when I bring it up. But, you know what? She could. Just like millions of other Americans, she knows how to run a budget, she knows how to protect her family, she knows how to care for her loved ones and those less fortunate than herself. Mom knows what works and what doesn’t. She doesn’t have any airs; she is selfless and puts the needs of others in front of her own. As much as I love Mom, she is not unique, there are plenty of people just like her all over this country.

We don’t need anymore lawyers who do nothing but interpret and interpret laws until no one remembers what the hell they were for in the first place. We need people who act. We need to take chances again, be pioneers. It’s a whole new world and we are quickly going the way of Rome. This country has become so dependant on the Government that we have gotten fat, soft, and apathetic. And, what happens when you become fat, soft, and apathetic? You get fucked. And, THAT is what your Government is doing to you right now.

Cheers, Dr. Byrd.

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  1. I really couldn't agree more with your comments and Dr. Byrds statement. What is just as frustrating is this psuedo-patriotic attitude that puts everyone voicing disatifaction with the state of the nation into the same bucket. We can't just play the, "Disrespectful to Vetrans Card" as soon as someone points out something we don't like. We need dialog and discussion - point out what's right, and what's wrong, and go from there. Veterans are the symbol of ultimate sacrifice - STOP USING IT AS YOUR CRUTCH! Do your research, get your facts straight, and contribute to the solution - stop blurring and fogging up the details with your ignorant knee-jerking.


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