Thursday, September 16, 2010

Party of Hypocrisy

I have always believed the Democratic Party to be perpetually fueled by hypocrisy on so many different levels. However, there is one area in which I find their hypocrisy to be particularly appalling; how they deal with dissenting views. Not only do they tend to be the Party of the impolite, they love to use insult and slander as their tools, certainly more often than Republicans do. Some of my D friends like to say it is because of their great passion and commitment to the Party.

This may be, but oftentimes when I find myself in debate with said D friends, they pack up their marbles and stomp off claiming there is no arguing with a “Republican” because somehow we lack the intellect to debate effectively. Personally, when someone storms off I consider that a win!

Democrats claim to be the protectors of the downtrodden as well as everyman. Even to their own people they are condescending. They talk down to their constituents like they are some kind of saviors. “Don’t worry if you can’t make it on your own, we’ll protect you from those evil business people and Republicans by taking their wealth and distributing it to you.” Instead of boosting their people up, Democrats almost seem to revel in tearing them down so they can “take care of them”.  It’s almost like they need that in order to show their indispensability to American Society.

Democrats urge their followers to rail against the machine. The problem is the machine is them! They perpetuate a self-defeating prophecy in order to flex their muscle and expand the growth of Government and keep their people on cradle to grave Government assistance.

Democrats create the state of fear they are always blaming the Republicans for by making their own countrymen fear…their countrymen! They scream on high about how Republicans in Government are victimizing the very people they work for when in fact, what they are doing is trying to create a situation where everyone has the ability to reach their personal best. How? By keeping Government out of their lives as much as possible.

Free speech and civil liberties are the sabers Democrats like to rattle and claim to protect. Well, isn’t it odd when a movement like the Tea Party comes around they are instantly demonized by the Democrats as racist, anti-intellectual rednecks? These are the disenfranchised and victimized, the very people the Democrats claim to protect. I guess though it makes sense, if they are obscene enough to drag their own people down I guess it would be all the more easier to do it to “outsiders”.

Panic is what has created the great hatred towards the Tea Party Movement. The Democrats know they screwed up royally with this caricature of a President and now they have no idea what to do. They are in huge trouble and their message has gone completely haywire.
The Democrats should take a lesson out of the Tea Party’s message and realize that the so called victimized come in many shapes, sizes, and philosophies. They won’t though, they will continue with their hatred and mixed messages until another faux messiah comes along and dupes their easily duped sheep into a false sense of entitlement.

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