Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Lord Falderal (Obama) Muslim?

If there was ever any doubt the Falderal Administration is soft on terror, all one has to do is look at Lord Falderal’s latest move. The same day Gaffemeister Biden laid into Dick Cheney’s assessment of our security as weak, the AP announced the appointment of Rashad Hussain, a White House attorney, as special envoy to the OIC, or Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Before I get too far into this, let it be known, I believe in peace; however I realize the human race has been unable to take the necessary evolutionary steps out of the primordial slime needed to abolish war. Therefore, our Government leaders must act accordingly when there are actual, or perceived enemies gunning for us in order to assure the safety of US citizens.

To say that all Muslims are bad is of course absolutely ridiculous. I have Muslim friends and you have Muslim friends most likely. This is not about them. This is about extremists who loathe the United States with a hatred so bad as to never be mitigated by the cursory efforts of someone like special envoy Rashad Hussain, just another in Falderal’s cadre of inexperienced fools.

One thing to remember is none of this is actually about religion. This is about hate. I am not a religious guy. When queried about my religious status I always say I am a member of the Church of the Poisoned mind. That said, I begrudge absolutely no one his or her religious beliefs and that is as it should be in a free nation. You want to practice Islam in America? Go for it. Just don’t blow up any of my friends or family while you’re at it.

Many people believe that Islam is not a legitimate religion and serves only to cause chaos, and that killing is a major part of their philosophy. I don’t really believe that, but what I do know is many millions have been killed in the name of plenty of other religions including Christianity. When people are killed in the name of religion, it ups the ante, and our President needs to show a strong front against those affecting such motives.

Lord Falderal has time and again proven his inability to show the United States in a strong light to any country, and certainly this latest maneuver isn’t going to help matters. This isn’t like bowing to the Saudi King, or being pushed around by China on our debt, we owe them that money after all. No, this is far more serious.

We as a country legitimize the Islamic extremists by appointing Hussain. The United States sends the message that somehow we are partially to blame for the attacks against us. Tell me, does any US citizen feel we are to blame for attacks against our country? I hope not.

I believe a dialog with Islam would be good, if and only if, we were ever to start hearing condemnation of terrorist attacks from important Islamic leaders. Thus far we are yet to get that. What we do hear after a terrorist attack or attempted attack, are cursory condemnations by low level Islamic clerics and diplomats from the various countries sporting a heavy Muslim population. I question whether these are genuine in their sincerity, or not.

We need to hear serious Imam contrition before we start any real peace talks, or allocate any of our resources to Muslim countries.

Apparently, Falderal doesn’t feel that way. He would like to give them the keys to the storehouse. Here is a small list of what Falderal is proposing to “help” Muslims with:

A partnership with Muslims on education, economic development, global health, science, and technology.

Of course, Falderal has promised the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan & Iraq by August. (good luck with that)

Lord Falderal has also stated he will bring Israel & Palestine to the table to “jump start” peace talks. (can you say: narcissism)

And, get this; he wants to have a summit of Muslims from around the world to discuss entrepreneurship! (because our economy is working so well under him)

That is a pretty ambitious list, which should come as no surprise given his campaign promises yet to be kept.

All of this leads me to cogitate on another problem with this new appointment and all the effort and resources Falderal is putting towards fostering our feel good relationship with Islam. Has he taken a look around him? If ever there was a time for at least a modicum of ethnocentricity, this is it!

Partnerships in education, economic development, global health, technology and science for Muslims? A summit in entrepreneurship? How about some of that for Americans! How about taking some of that tax money and funneling it towards our own plight. How about this, how about be a freaking leader to your own people!

I realize the United States enjoys a certain satisfaction in thinking we are better than everyone else and forcing our capitalistic model on everyone, but we need to force that thinking on ourselves right now. This country is in serious trouble and coddling our enemies is not making things any easier. 

I do not necessarily share the opinion that Falderal is a Muslim himself, I do believe because of his background there is more sensitivity towards Islam. But, who can know what is really inside the head of a person? One thing is for certain, these kinds of moves coupled with the fact he doesn’t attend a regular Church, are certainly giving the people who believe Falderal to be a Muslim more ammunition and credibility.

What we need in this country right now is a guarantee of safety from our enemies, and an economic plan that works. Without those two things, health care reform and all the other various pipedreams of Congress aren’t going to mean jack shit.

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  1. You are right in there being a good possibility that this president is a Muslim. If he is, the USA will be in great trouble in the future. If he is not, they will weather the storm, eventually.
    Thanks for bringing to light the deception of the president.


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