Monday, March 8, 2010

Biden in the Middle East? Where's That 3 Year Vacation When You Need it, Joe?

If you are a formerly popular President who has become somewhat unpopular and need to deal with one of the World’s largest issues, but risk looking even worse than you already do, what is the answer? Well, obviously to send the worst qualified and least ambitious of all politicians to deal with it in your stead.

Lord Falderal has dispatched Gaffemeister Biden to the Middle East to “try to boost Middle East Prospects”. What? Are you kidding me? Guess you should have kept your mouth shut Joe when you said the Vice President doesn’t do anything. You’re screwed now buddy!

Stupid is as stupid does and Falderal has outdone himself this time.

Can anyone honestly imagine Gaffemeister Biden matching wits with someone like Netanyahu who is supremely pissed at the US for ignoring the madman currently in charge of Iran. The fact Ahmadinejad has been screaming on high that 9/11 was a “big fabrication” should give some clue to just how dangerous this dude is and having Gaffemeister Biden involved with anything even remotely close to dealing with such a man is a fool’s errand indeed.

Iran has not been immune to the growing International sentiment that the US has been weakened by the election of Falderal. If anyone thinks that for one minute Iran isn’t developing all kinds of nasty weapons to wreak havoc in the Middle East, they’re crazy. Sanctions and diplomacy are not going to mean spit to development of Tehran’s nuclear program and guys like Netanyahu know it. And, trust me Iran’s nuclear program isn’t going to have anything to do with clean energy!

Israel is well aware of the dangers of Iran and with the United States pussyfooting around whether we would support or allow a strike by Israel, we are not gaining the allies we need to have. Israel was already worried about Falderal’s coddling of the Muslims a long time ago and sending Biden to do his work for him is not going to have a good effect.

Falderal’s policies here at home are bad enough, but his disasters on the International scene are about to become even worse.

I think this gives good insight to the character and substance of Falderal. His administration is sucking bilge water right now and he can’t afford any more heat brought down on him. So, he chooses one of the most poignant and charged International issues to muck up in order to try and save some face. It shows just how out of his league he truly is.

It has been said that Biden’s main job in this visit is to tell Israel not to bomb Iran and to instill in the Israeli people a feeling of confidence that Falderal will ensure their security, but that the US will continue it’s rally for peace. Really? How? How will sending an idiot instill confidence? And, how are the Israeli people supposed to feel secure when the US will not support Israel protecting itself.

The real message Falderal is sending Israel is that he sees Israel as a second-class citizen in the International theatre. He is in essence insulting Israel by sending Biden as his message carrier.

Israel already has a tenuous relationship with Falderal as evidenced by the aforementioned Muslim problem. You may remember that Falderal has made well-publicized visits to Egypt, Saudi Arabia (where he bowed to the King!), and in late March will visit Indonesia. I guess Israel only rates a Biden visit. Falderal also has called for a complete Jewish settlement freeze, which really hurt US-Israeli relations. He has backed off on it a bit, but the damage has been done.

I am not saying Israel should bomb Iran, it would greatly destabilize what is already an unstable situation, but we need to show Israel real support and act more as an partner than some kind of overbearing parent. The United States needs to slow its downward roll towards being a second rate power, but that will never happen if the President keeps lobbing insults at our allies.

The worst part is; Israel isn’t even asking for complete backing of military action yet. What they want now is hard sanctions against Iran. Falderal won’t even give them that. Falderal is worried about sanctions destabilizing the Iranian economy. So? Isn’t that the point? Hit them where it hurts and get them to turn their thinking around. It’s better than a military action.

Sending Gaffemeister Biden is an insult plain and clear, he will not be taken seriously by real leaders. This is a guy who once said in reference to his Vice Presidential qualifications; “I am the most experienced since anybody”. I don’t remember Vice President Anybody, but alrighty then… Biden also gave this quote to a New York Times reporter, “I know as much, or more than Cheney.” Say what you will about Cheney, but I am pretty sure he’s just a tad smarter than Biden!

I do have to admit I would love to be a fly on the wall for this little caper. I imagine the comedy to be endless if not really, really sad.

A member of Falderal’s cabinet once said they wished Falderal could send Biden on a three-year vacation; I bet Joe wishes he would too.


Well, Gaffemeister Biden's trip was as predicted a colossal joke. With Israeli headlines such as: "Embarassment", and a cavalcade of snubs and Biden'isms, we once again proved ourselves as a great nation in rapid decline. Nice work Lorad Falderal. How about sending Biden on that vacation now and sparing us further embarrassment.


  1. This blog has nothing to do with Biden's trip to the Middle East (since there is no news of it yet), but only your opinion of Biden, your assumptions about what he might do, and your assumptions about what Israel might think of him.

    Might be more interesting if you had some actual information to comment on, such as AFTER his trip.

  2. Uh, yeah. That's the idea of the blog, my opinion.

    The evidence of Biden being a complete halfwit is right there in the public domain.

  3. "A complete halfwit"? Something wrong with this. Maybe a half complete wit? Nah. How about a total nitwit? I prefer doofus, it covers him completely.
    Mike McCormick

  4. Oh God. I didn't even catch that! Well, I guess it is like a whole half a brain!