Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Obama Religion

Man, I am pissed off about our so-called President, and I know it shows. I’ve lost at least one Facebook friend that I know of because of it and there may be others. And, a good portion of my regular retinue of friends and family feel I am unduly obsessed with hating on Lord Falderal.

Yes, I am obsessed and I need to tell everyone why.

The last year has been a real struggle trying to figure out what it is about this guy that has gotten to my core. There have been politicians at all levels that I have recoiled from and cursed to the bowels of Hell many, many times in my life, but this feeling is epic. I can’t get it out of my mind. At first, I thought maybe I have finally snapped and having too much time on my hands to reflect on his continued syllabus of foibles am internalizing more than in the past.

Then I found a way to help me understand it.

Religion and faith.

I am not a religious guy by any stretch of the imagination. I am a Congregationalist, just for show. I got married once and had to join the Church I wanted the ceremony to take place in. It wasn’t hard as it was my hometown Church I had been involved with all my life, I just had never joined.

I do have a spiritual leader but only by happenstance. I didn’t seek him out he just came into my life. His life experience has been hard and time tested, which is why I call him my spiritual leader. I trust in him not really as a man of the cloth, but as a man in full. This person and I speak rarely; usually when someone in the family is being married or buried, but that doesn’t matter, the advice and knowledge I have gotten from him over the years is more than helpful. My point is that I get religion on its face. I completely understand why people are so ardent about it.

It wasn’t always that way though. Basically, I grew up thinking the Catholic Church was the real root of all evil and shunned learning about any of its tenants and teachings. My only exposure was the occasional wedding or funeral where I would count on someone to tell me when to kneel, sit, say the Lord’s Prayer, tip the Usher, or whatever.

Then I got the case of a lifetime.

I am the former owner of a Private Detective agency. In my career, I was fortunate to get some truly outrageous cases that I was nowhere near qualified to handle, but I took them, did my best and the results were usually good.

One day I was called upon by a New England Archdiocese (name & cases withheld for what should be obvious reasons) to help investigate a few wayward Priests. I was shocked they wanted my firm, and to this day have no idea who referred us.

Fortunately, there weren’t any child/priest situations (had there been I would have solved each one with my Glock, a dark alley, and no witnesses), they were cases involving Priests who couldn’t keep their quills out of the Congregation’s inkwell. In fact, not only were they sleeping with the wives of the faithful, they were bilking them for all they were worth as well as the Archdiocese itself.

At first I treated the client as I would any other. I approached the cases with the same set of rules as always. The job of a PI is to get the truth, not to tell the client what they want to hear or manufacture situations that never occurred. They were paying me a ton of money, way too obscene to impart here, and I was committed to doing the best I could and expected my staff to do the same. That thinking was a mistake.

I had the cream of the crop on my staff; former military guys, ex-cops, computer experts, extremely tough and smart people. They also all happened to be religious with the majority consisting of practicing Catholics.

Very quickly I learned just how important religion is. I had PI’s I thought could handle anything refuse to work on these cases because they could not deal with the idea of modern day Charlatan priests. They just didn’t want to know. I had one guy crack during surveillance, this gigantic, former Marine broke down after witnessing a Priest follow his paramour into her car port, remove his collar and partake in a little afternoon delight. This was after she bought him a new high def flat screen for his quarters at the rectory. He told me the abuse of power was too much to handle and his faith was being torn out from under him right before his eyes.

I thought he was nuts, until I looked into his eyes and saw the pain.

That is the pain I am feeling right now for our country, and even more so for my friends. I value my friends and family more than anything on this Earth. You can take my money, my possessions, anything but my friends and family. I have more respect for them than I do myself, and most of them are diametrically opposed to my political views. It is the memories created by these people that are the essence of my life.

And, they were duped. They were duped by a modern day Charlatan that doesn’t wear a collar, but flits about the world with a TelePrompTer and an arsenal of unobtainable hopes and dreams to sell. That sell job has shaken the faith of many of my friends who believed the crap Lord Falderal was slinging and is still slinging.

Like a bad Priest, he manipulated, took captive and raped the very intellect and goodness that allowed these people to believe his outrageous claims. The powerful and dangerous rhetoric was so well placed, and so well orchestrated it superseded any semblance of common sense to these folks. It created a religious zeal. I have never blamed the people who voted for Falderal; I get why they did it, I blame him and the people behind his assent.

I can honestly say most of my Obama supporting friends regret their choice. There are the few holding out for what would have to be a miracle to change this guy’s fortunes, but I believe it is out of stubbornness, or just unabashed hatred of Republicans and the former Bush administration.

My religion is the United States of America, where at one time anyone could be anything they wanted. Hope wasn’t just a buzzword; it was a way of life. Where the industry of regular people made up the majesty of the country. Our greatness was once predicated on our own individual efforts to make the country work. Now, it is a shambles because of the arrogance and lies of this person making a mockery of the Office of President.

This is why I am angry. It is not Falderal’s job to dictate, it is his job to serve us. It is not his job to push through legislation the country doesn’t want so he can preserve his legacy in the History books. It is not his job to traipse around the globe apologizing for our past actions; it is his job to represent his country with the pride and love of a true American. It is not Falderal’s job to be experimenting with Socialism and acting as a de facto dictator. It is his job to be bipartisan and play well with others in both parties and give the people what they want, not what he wants.

And, although this may seem petty, I believe it provides a good metaphor for how Falderal envisions himself. Falderal is a guest at the White House and like a guest at any home he should treat it with respect and a modicum of decorum. Seeing press shots of him with his feet up on the desk given to Rutherford Hayes by Queen Victoria makes my blood boil, likewise his habit of not wearing his jacket in the Oval. I know I seem like a tight ass here, but these are the kinds of things that cheapen the Office of President.

This is not about partisanship. I wish so badly that it was. I would have been more than happy to be arguing with my friends and family over age-old differences between R’s and D’s for the next four years rather than trying to make them see we are facing the demise of what was once a great country. We can no longer intellectualize politics and government like we used to. Now we are in real danger and have to do something about it.

If even the most liberal of liberals in the Continental Congress knew what this country was going through, they would be spinning in their graves.

My faith in this Government is completely shaken, but not my faith in the people of this nation.


  1. It appears to me you don't like him due to the color of skin. Let's be real, the real reason is because he is a Black Man that's in the most powerfurl position in the World and you and many like you can't stand it.

  2. What kind of jackass comment is that? What in this blog post comes even close to commentary on Falderal's race? I believe it is people like you who LOVE to play that card because you don't have anything else to go on. The man is a huge failure, it has nothing to do with his skin color and when backed into a corner ignoramuses like yourself choose to call anyone critical of the man, a racist. Get real. Post something intelligent the next time you darken the doorway of this blog.

  3. As a loyal follower of the BOI, I must say that on numerous occasions I've read posts that not only directly refute Anonymous' accusations of racism, but have proven to me beyond any doubt that the author is not only a decent person but more progressive and enlightened socially than most of us. I'd frankly be appalled if the BOI did NOT criticize the administration for fear of being accused of precisely what you're accusing it of. Come on, man! You had nothing intelligent to counter the BOI with, so you figure you'd sling yourself some mud and call it a day? The next time you want to flaunt your ignorance, do it among your neanderthal friends and family. Good day.

  4. Wait, BHO is only half black, so I guess the author of this blog only dislikes him half as much as you think!

    There, I countered ignorance with more ignorance. Yet you still can't consider it a wash - it only feels dirtier.

    "I have a dream" that someday everyone will debate on intelligence rather than race.

  5. "Seeing press shots of [Obama] with his feet up on the desk given to Rutherford Hayes by Queen Victoria makes my blood boil, likewise his habit of not wearing his jacket in the Oval. I know I seem like a tight ass here, but these are the kinds of things that cheapen the Office of President. " <-- Okay, with this I agree.



  7. So, Anonymous what exactly is your point with your comment?

    You post a picture of Bush with his feet on the desk. I don't see anything in my post about Bush and his feet on the desk, or is this just your way of keeping the "Blame Bush" howl going? As I have said Bush is gone, he is irrelevant why drudge him up? If you have something intelligent to ad to the comments section, please so so otherwise keep it to yourself

    And, stop being a pussy, use your name.

  8. I feel like it is difficult to place the blame solely on President Obama for the state of our country today. The economic downturn was a result of policies of previous administrations (both Democrat and Republican), actions of bigwigs in the financial sector, and speculation in the housing market. As anyone who has taken basic macroeconomics knows, this country has seen its fair share of recessions. The one we are in now happens to be one of the worst most of us have seen in our lifetime. Anyone who has taken macroeconomics also knows that every recession and depression does come to a natural end. Often, there is nothing the government or Federal Reserve Bank can do but attempt to mitigate the circumstances.

    The nearly trillion dollar "government bailout" was the brainchild of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a conservative, who spent his years at university studying the Great Depression and what could have been done to prevent or mitigate it. If there was anyone qualified to deal with our current recession (and there probably isn't), it was him, and by the accounts of most economists, we would be much worse off now if we hadn't infused cities and states with billions of dollars. While the bailout may not have solved the problem, it did stop the bleeding in numerous circumstances.

    As for your comment that President Obama is "experimenting with Socialism," I know you say it from the heart, but that is an extremely naive statement. The tenets of socialism are economy-based, saying that each person should be given what is equal to his output, and goods and services should be valued according to their use value instead of their exchange value, as they are in a capitalist economy. While President Obama believes that all Americans should have access to health care, he also believes that they should have a choice in their health care provider based on the provider's exchange value. Providers with a lower exchange value would be the primary providers for Americans who can hardly afford health insurance in the first place, while people who have a greater income will have the ability to choose better health care providers. That, my friend, is hardly Socialism.

    While I did vote for him, and I still do believe that President Obama has the best interests of the American people at heart (and not that of his place in history), I do not think he has gone about it the best way. He should have come out with his own health proposal initially, instead of having Congress write it and argue over it. But I am glad he is still pushing for health care in the midst of the recession. We cannot let the recession stop us from achieving our goals, and I do believe that if a health care bill passes it will increase consumer confidence, a main proponent of recovering from an economic downturn.

    But I think that putting the blame solely on President Obama is utterly unfair. Congress is equally, if not far more, to blame. Their inability to be able to even communicate with each other about their points of common ground and work from there is troubling. Congressmen and women are the ones that are out there to make their place in history and not serve the American people.

    In essence, I think the point I am trying to make here is this: don't hate the player, hate the game.


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