Thursday, December 17, 2009

Healthcare; Keep it Simple Stupid

I have had very few discussions on Health Care Reform with my friends and family, which is really weird considering it is such a hot button issue right now. Normally, I would spend hours upon hours arguing with my liberal and conservative brethren about an issue this big.

The reason I haven’t gotten into it is the perceived complexity of the issue. It’s fucking confusing.

As always the government has done what government will do; make something so big and lugubrious that it wears down the public into their basic theologies and they end up supporting whatever plan is being touted by denizens of their particular political persuasion. In other words, the complexity of the issue breeds sycophantic behavior.

I fall victim to this as well. It becomes simple to me; the Democrats are wrong and the Republicans are right because I don’t want to grapple with something beyond my simplistic way of thinking.

I think on a macro level when it comes to the Government of the United States and truthfully, I believe that is all I have to do as a citizen of this country. The details are there for others to work out. In this case, the morons we have elected into office.

My main point here is that the Health Care Reform issue is a very simple one. It is a matter of staying true to the ideals of this country. We are a capitalistic society. Our whole foundation operates on supply and demand principles. It is all of our jobs to straighten out health care.

As a people we need to make the health care industry accountable and responsible for their business. All aspects of health care is commercial and that is what we do here in this country; commerce. Doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, all healthcare providers are in business to make money and there is nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is the manner in which they do it. I hate business regulation, but this is the one industry where I believe in heavily regulating what is allowed to stand as general practice. You want health care reform? Fine. The answer is to make these scumbag insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, material providers, pharmaceutical companies, et al, more accountable to us their customers.

The health care industry will react. We as the general public wrongly believe these businesses to be in total control. That is simply not true. We are in control, unless Lord Falderal and his cadre of misfits turn health care over to the Government. Then we are completely screwed. There are no longer any chances for us to do what we do; exist as a democratic capitalist republic.

What Lord Falderal is doing is using the easiest possible route to dangerously play around with changing our basic foundation from one of capitalism to socialism. If you think I am being radical and part of that scary arm of the right, you need to take a breath, brush all the fat, happy, and stupid faces of our President and legislature out of your mind and really think about. Think about it not as a Democrat or Republican, but as an American.

The minutiae of this issue are huge. There are so many things to detract from the larger picture. The emotional factor alone drives many to distraction. You hear about XYZ with a child who needs an operation, but there is no money and on and on and on. Yes, these are sad situations, but that is life and our forefathers have developed a system we have all chosen to live by. This will sound harsh but it is appropriate, if you are frustrated with our system in this country…leave.

Strip this issue down to the basics and the answer becomes very clear.

This is not about our well-being as citizens. This is about a lethargic, do nothing, tax and spend government only interested in securing their places in the annals of history as some sort of harbingers of radical change. Well, this is radical change we do not need and it could be our downfall.

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